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25 Apr. 2012

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With the Email to Address tool you are able to put an email address into the search and see if there are any home addresses associated with that email. The most important part of sourcing is thinking strategically about the search: what you want, what you don’t want, how to define those things, how to go after them, and how to adjust as you go. There are some valid reasons for doing a search on people by social security number or SSN. The first group of three numbers says a lot about the individual who owns the Social Security Number. SSNs are very sensitive pieces of data, and learning more about their format will give you a better understanding of just how difficult it can be, searching for someone by simply using their SSN. If the person you’re looking for is still alive, then you have much better odds of finding them using these criteria than using a Social Security Number only (except for urgent circumstances where the Social Security Administration can help).

Similarly, it will also tell you if there are any phone numbers associated with the email (I have even seen it find cell numbers listed here!). Sometimes they will come up with older addresses, but it still gives insight into the naming conventions. If topics like semantic search, web-scraping and people aggregators get you excited, you’ll love SourceCon.
The Social Security Administration offers a Letter Forwarding Service, where they can forward a letter to the person owning that Social Security Number, in an attempt to contact them. There are dozens of free tools, however, the one I have found most interesting and most useful is the one titled “Email to Address”. Unlike other options, Pipl will often give past addresses, possible phone numbers, user names, and social profiles.

After performing extensive research, I will demonstrate how to perform an effective Social Security Number (SSN) search, and offer several alternatives to finding out more information on an individual.
This means you can do a search with only a Social Security Number and find out more information on that individual. The last way to use the search is by putting a physical address (home or work) into the search and seeing what email addresses have been associated with the physical address.

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