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03 Mar. 2015

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Consider those scenarios, like you are sitting in your bed, watching your favorite show on the TV and somehow you get reminded to make a call, you start searching for your cell phone, or maybe you just returned from office and while entering your house you casually through your phone on the couch in the living room and later you start hunting for it as you don’t have any idea where have you kept it. There could be several such scenarios when you feel so helpless, and it takes a worse face when you don’t have another phone so that you can simply make your misplaced phone ring to locate it. As soon as you click on ‘Make it Ring’ your cell phone starts ringing, and so this way you can easily get it.

To find your local telephone number, simply log in your account management page by using your BB number as Username and your password. After your account has been established, your Username is your 10 digit BB Number, which can be found on your IP Box.
All you have to do is, simply key in your number and click on ‘Make it Ring’, as shown below.

If we do not have the area code you desire, you may sign up for iTalkBB's service with a temporary number first.

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