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05 Dec. 2014

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The Iranian government is launching a matchmaking site to encourage the increasing number of single people to tie the knot.The Find Your Equal website will ask people to enter a number of details such as physical attributes, faith, family background and the woman’s style of dress in an attempt to find eligible matches. And Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants the 80 million population of Iran, where sex outside marriage is banned, to nearly double to 150 million by 2050. Officials said ‘Find Your Equal’, as it’s called, is not a dating site but hopes to reverse a surge in numbers, currently 11 million, of young single adults. The free matchmaking website is another step: people register online and the matchmaker tries to come up with a suitable partner from its database.
But there are a number of deep-seeded issues that introducing people may not be able to address. Many young Iranians also cite the country’s strict social customs and pressure to get married as a heavy burden, but religious families blame a Western cultural invasion for eroding traditional values. Women, who must be veiled in Iran, have to state their preferred mode of Islamic dress, be it a traditional loose head-to-toe black chador or a more modern tight-fitting coat. Both sexes are also asked their religion – Iran is 90 percent Shiite Muslim – and their level of faith, and whether they would like to live abroad.

Zohre Hosseini, project manager for the matchmaking site, acknowledged that young people faced difficulties. Hitting the planned number of marriages could be a tall order, said Fatemeh, a single 24-year-old middle class engineer from Tehran who said she would be perturbed at submitting personal information online. Property crimes occur at an find name by address of more than one each minute, with burglaries occurring every three minutes. Generally speaking, “when you give people a little bit of information, you get a little bit more support for the agreement,” said Kiley.
TIP Jewish respondents, when asked: “Recently, the United States and five other countries (known as the P5+1) reached an agreement with Iran regarding the lifting of economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for concessions in Iran’s  nuclear program. The J Street poll, designed by Jim Gerstein of GBA Strategies, a public opinion research firm that works for Democratic candidates, and administered to 1,000 respondents between July 21 and 23, only asked two questions specific to the Iran nuclear deal, one regarding the deal itself and the other regarding how Congress should vote. Klein criticized the omission, telling JTA that it introduced a bias in favor of the Iran deal, but Gerstein pushed back stating that there is widespread distrust of the government, which, if anything, would cause respondents without an opinion to oppose the deal. The Jewish Journal’s survey, conducted by phone, called only respondents who identified as Jewish in previous surveys unrelated to the Iran deal.

The key question was worded: “As you know, an agreement was reached in which the United States and other countries would lift major economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran restricting its nuclear program in a way that makes it harder for it to produce nuclear weapons. If the Jewish Journal poll is accepted as the least biased, then American Jews, though skeptical of Iran’s ability to live up to its agreements, are divided but mostly in favor of the deal. TIP conducted its poll via email, using a third-party company to find self-identified Jews.
Message board topics include areas for sharing of equipment needs and assistance on find name by address budget shortfalls as we all face the reality of amendment one. International inspectors would monitor Iran’s facilities, and if Iran is caught breaking the agreement economic sanctions would be imposed again.

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