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03 Jan. 2014

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Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.
Some users may recall that Apple’s iTunes Connect portal suffered from a similar problem earlier this year when developers started seeing apps and login names belonging to different developers. Suppose a computer catalogued the entire phonebook, it would also be possible to search for names via numbers. Users have noted that Macs with names they don’t recognize recently started appearing in the device list on the Find My iPhone web service, allowing them to remotely lock or erase the computers in some cases, or just play a sound in others. It’s certainly a possibility that this could be the source of the confusion, since Find My Mac configuration is saved¬†on a computer even after the operating system has been reinstalled.

Such services already exist online but cellphone numbers have usually been hidden from their databases. One of our clients asked for the ability to create their own Advanced Find queries in order to generate a list of members belonging to their church. In both cases, when the buyer upgraded to Yosemite (years after sale) the device showed up find my iPhone.
However thanks to two free web services, you can easily  find who mobile number belongs to. Call Revealer performs an actual reverse lookup in the caller ID database to retrieve the information for you while the other sites just provide you with limited information found in phonebooks and other public sources.

Clicking on the phone number creates a new phone call activity with the phone number details automatically prefilled. This acts much like a grid view which you will find out of the box in CRM and allows you to view various details of a specific person.
This allows users to draw any number of boundaries, and then click on the corresponding colour at the bottom of the map in order to view the members belonging to the selected boundary.

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