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21 Aug. 2015

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Every network adapter has what is called a Media Access Control address that uniquely identifies it.
Find MAC Address makes it exceptionally easy to find the MAC address of all devices on your network, and lets you set network IP ranges to scan.Simply tell the program the range of IP addresses on your network, click a button, and it looks at every address, ferreting out the MAC address for any device using that IP address. Find MAC Address includes some very nifty tools, such as the ability to look at a specific IP address and identify the MAC address of network cards.
If you run a network, you know how important is that you know the MAC address of every device connected to your network. If you administrate a network and need to find out the MAC address of every device on it, Find MAC Address is a great tool.
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CC Get MAC Address is a handy tool for finding MAC address and computer name from IP address.

The system identification information (probably IP address) is stored on network card and because there is a lot of traffic on the Ethernet.
We provide MAC address and wake on lan related software, program and solutions for networks admin and program developer. In my tests, Find MAC Address did a stellar job and was able to find the correct MAC address for every device connected to my network: a wireless router, multiple PCs, a Macbook, a home server, and even a Xoom Android tablet.
You can use it to find MAC address, computer name and IP address of a computer on LAN even out of your LAN range. If you want to seach a computer's ethernet mac address, you just need to know his computer name or computer ip. When looking for the computer's MAC address, be sure to find the MAC address associated with the network card you wish to use.
For Wireless information, find the line that says Wireless LAN adapter (there may be multiple Wireless LAN adapter connections, but the MAC address will be the same for all of them).
Scroll down to "Wi-Fi MAC address" *For Android version 3, the MAC Address can be found in the settings under Wireless and Network, then Wi-Fi Settings.

Having to manually go to every computer on the network, and taking the time to run tools to find out every device's MAC address is extremely time-consuming.
Based on the MAC addresses, it was also able to accurately identify the right manufacturer for each device. Network administrator can use this handy tool to lookup mac address of each computer on the LAN. If you are connecting through Wi-Fi, you must use the MAC address associated with the wireless network card, and users plugged in through ethernet cable require their wired MAC address.

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