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25 Jun. 2013

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Gain mobility: You can send and receive faxes by email anywhere as long as you have internet access. Select your own number: Your ecommerce storefront or your website can show off a local, toll-free, or international fax number. All of these features combine to make eFax continue to be the premium online faxing solution.

Find out how to get a fax number that sends and receives faxes using your current email address. This question was answered by admin on September 19, 2011 at 3:39 pm, filed under GuruQ Questions, Hosting Offer and tagged 3 Ways, Advantage, Business Owners, Current, Ecommerce Storefront, efax, Email Account, Email Address, Email Fax, Email Find, Email Free, Email Machine, Fax Machine, Fax Number, Faxes, Free Trial Offer, Gain Mobility, International Fax, Internet Access, Little Known Secret, Maintenace, Maintenance Costs, money, New Features, New Landing, Online Faxing, Paperless Fax, Promotions, Send Email, Send Faxes, startup and business tips, storage, Successful Business, Successful Online Business. Plus with no setup fee, and extra pages, it offers the same level of basic value as other online faxing products.

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