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16 Aug. 2012

Fake girlfriend numbers,cell phone company lookup,search for someone on skype - PDF Review

Maybe you're lonely, maybe you're tired of being teased over your single status, or maybe you're just a bit odd — there are plenty of almost reasonable sounding excuses to get a fake girlfriend. This service is called FakeGirlfriend.co — no, there really isn't supposed to be an "m" after the "co" — and it'll provide you with a fake girlfriend who'll send text messages and even call you.
From what I can tell after briefly trying out FakeGirlfriend.co, the text messages and pre-recorded calls vary each time.

Now, I sincerely doubt that FakeGirlfriend.co will satisfy your emotional needs, but it'll certainly help you pretend to be in a relationship for a little while. Fraud Rule Number One: no matter how cute your girlfriend may be, do not include her in the picture on your fake ID.

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