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01 Aug. 2012

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There are three major credit bureaus, each with their own information about you: Experian, Equifax, TransUnion. Credit Sesame offers you a free credit score every month, either based on your Experian or TransUnion credit report (VantageScore).
And now, for a limited time, Credit Sesame is offering $50,000 in identity theft insurance and access to identity restoration help for FREE. Finally, if you want a discounted FICO score without having to sign up for a new credit card, you’ll need both a credit card and sign up for a trial. The problem is that there are even multiple flavors of FICO scores, even on the same credit report data. There’s one more way to get a free credit report and score absolutely free, and with NO trial. Credit Karma is giving out scores again, but they’re not even close to a real FICO score. FICO tailors scores according to the type of business … a real estate lender may get XXX from FICO, a car dealer will see YYY, a credit card app will see ZZZ, etc. I when to the site, registered, saw that they identified me based on info they had in their questionnaire (like phone number, zipcode, prior address), they asked me for MORE info on myself as well to add to their database. I know this post is old, but in case anyone stumbles on it, I want to definitely recommend CreditKarma.
This is a huge help for those of us who do not know where to start when it comes to improving our credit score.
Beginning March 9, 2009, you’ll access your WaMu credit card information on Chase Online.
I have a Wamu card and love checking my credit score but Wamu is now Chase and as of March the credit score will no longer be available.
Since we’re on the subject of Credit Cards, watch for letters in the mail regarding your other cards.
Also effects your utilization credit used to credit available, which is a bigger percentage of your score than history. Quizzle pulls your credit score using Experian reporting agency while other credit bureau’s may use a different reporting company.
Their service is not like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame which actually provide information thats relevant. Experian CreditExpert offers an array of useful tools and expert guidance to help you understand, monitor and improve your Experian Credit Score. Your Experian Credit Score is based on the information provided in your Experian credit report and ranges on a scale from 0-999. The rating scale helps give you an indication of how lenders may interpret your credit report; the higher the score, the lower the perceived risk and therefore the more likely you are to be granted credit along with potential better rates.
Your Experian Credit Score is essentially a snapshot of your current credit status and can be broken down into five categories; very poor (0 - 560), poor (561 - 720), fair (721 - 880), good (881 - 960) and excellent (961 - 999).

Monitoring your score regularly can help minimise the damage that mistakes and potential fraudulent activity can have on your creditworthiness. Experian CreditExpert allows you to monitor your credit score history and how it fluctuates over time. Experian CreditExpert provides useful tools, information and expert guidance to help you improve and better manage your financial situation. Whether you need to send your credit information to a prospective landlord or need to be approved for financing, Experian Connect will allow you to purchase and view your credit report and score for $14.95 and then securely share it to people authorized by you for 30 days from purchase.
View the credit report and score of prospective clients or personal connections who have given you approved access. When you view someone's credit report and score through Experian, you can be sure you are seeing their information directly from the credit bureau and not from a fax, scanned copy or printout. To use Experian Connect, you will be asked to give us your contact’s name and email address and we will send your invitation to connect. Once you create your account on Experian Connect and have completed authentication, you will have the ability to do many actions quickly and securely. Consumers will be able to securely show their credit report and score to the connections they choose.
Credit Inquiries: Names of businesses or individuals that have obtained a copy of your credit report, including lenders, landlords, and employers. Experian and the Experian marks used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.
Here’s how to grab a free credit score without the hassle of annoying trial membership offers, providing credit card numbers, or having to remember to cancel afterward.
Besides just a score, many offer data taken directly from your credit reports like account balances, credit inquiries, and any negative marks.
It appears that some older members (like myself) still get the Experian data, but newer members tend to see TransUnion-based data. You will need to provide your personal information and Social Security number to some of these companies, naturally, so be comfortable with that. At least Discover card and many of the offerings from credit cards are actual FICO not fako scroes. Please consider accessing your credit score details for a *** FEE **** through Chase Credit Builder. They just approved me for their Freedom card with a $11000 CL which will help my utilization. Some of the information is automatically provided based on your credit report, which is pretty neat.
It is important to keep an eye on all possible reporting agency numbers because when applying for a loan and or mortgage etc., these companies tend to all pull from different agencies.
As a higher score is seen as lower risk, it pays to make sure you’re achieving the highest credit rating possible.

Any positive or negative factors affecting your score will flag within the tool, allowing you to take action to improve your credit score. It is similar to a grade you would have received in school, but instead of right and wrong answers, your credit score is based on positive and negative credit history. This invitation process allows both parties to confirm they know and trust each other before sharing important information, such as a credit report. In fact, if you are a small or independent business, it is important to know your personal credit information, too.
When you ask a Connection to see their credit report and score, they will need to agree to show it to you. None of these methods by themselves will affect your credit score as you are requesting them for yourself.
However, these credit scores can still be very useful for tracking general trends in your credit history. My understanding is their weighting is reflective of credit card worthiness (which makes sense as that is where they do business). Fat Wallet references that you can sign up for a free trial again after a few months, but I haven’t had the need. They provide one a month update from ALL three credit bureaus with details of transactions that may be mismatching among the three. The score used by lenders is FICO and while others are used, the FICO score provides a better reflection of your credit score. Free trial period starts on registration – further ID verification may be required to access the full service which may take up to 5 days. Paying your bills on time and using your credit responsibly builds a positive history while paying bills late and being irresponsible with your credit builds a negative history. Free credit monitoring is also a great way to track any big changes including fraudulent activity. I thought at least they have to give WaMu CC holders a year free credit score or so….
Soft inquiries do not impact your credit score and do not appear on any credit reports viewed by other people.
I had a loan officer that I work closely with do me a favor and pull my credit just like I was a prospective home buyer.

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