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09 Mar. 2014

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Compare between over 220 ISPs (Internet Service Providers) serving Canada!Search and compare for FREE! This is because in the 50+ years that bell canada has had a monopoly on the canadian phone system they have maintained the same local exchange routing system. So when I move to my new apartment which is a 15 minute walk away from the old one I must get a new number.Posted by dustin on August 27, 2003 with category tags of Canada 625 commentsI work for Bell Canada, and can honestly say it is the worse job i have ever had.

If you are or were a customer of Bell Canada or happened to work for them and would like a chance to see them loose all there customers that they have been ripping off for so many years. I'am a business owner and would like nothing more than to see Bell Canada get what they deserve. If you actually get someone from Canada on the phone, you will have everything resolved on the one call.

Side effects are minimal innovation and high service fees.An example of this market situation is Canada where there are only three network based wireless carriers (which created tightly controlled MVNOs to create illusion of competition) serving the wireless market.

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