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09 Sep. 2013

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Google could be heading for a showdown with Sun over the way Android, Google's new mobile phone software platform, handles Java.
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) is mailing letters to 32 individuals informing them that their Social Security numbers were present on a computer that had malware installed by an unknown intruder.Nearly all of the individuals affected appear to be either current or past international students.
Sony Ericsson India has made announcement of the launching of its latest slim slider mobile phone 'W910i' in the Indian market. Google Voice, especially with number porting offered, aims to make actual phone numbers irrelevant, and provide you with One Number for everything. Some people legitimately need to keep their number working, because lots of people have that number, and they don't want to miss a call from them. So that's the scoop on Google Voice number porting, at least as it exists for a small number of Voice users so far.
The BPMN process diagram shown in Figure 1 describes the request and assignment of mobile services portability. If you cannot show written consent, use our Identify Phone Number APIs to weed out cell phone numbers. If the number has been ported, the API returns the latest ported date, the new (current) carrier and line type. If you've got a cell number that everybody knows, and you really, really don't want to change, now that number can be your new One Number.
If you have a phone at home, in the office, and maybe a work-provided BlackBerry and personal cellphone, your Google Voice number is the one you memorize, tell people about, and list on your card.

From the looks of Google's number porting setup, as it stands today, Google is actively canceling your contract with your carrier from your site, in the same way a cellular service worker can cancel your contract with another service, right from their desk at the store or kiosk. However, this API only reports the original carrier and does not include a local number portability check. The idea of the development kit is to extend the Export dialog box with additional functionality."Once we get feedback from the developer community we will evaluate how to expand the SDK to other aspects of workflow outside of image export," explained Tom Hogarty, product manager for Photoshop Lightroom. It requires a somewhat awkward step in-between cellular contracts, which is something most of us aren't used to, and a $20 fee.
It's similar to some cell phone plans; you select a plan and if you exceed the plan you're charged for the overage at the published tier rates.
The new Shake Control system permits users to adjust music tracks by waving the phone in the air.
Or, when your son or daughter calls, it rings every phone you have, and emails and texts you with the transcribed message. Lifehacker's founding editor Gina Trapani and myself have both taken the hard line and only hand out our Google Voice numbers now; other Lifehacker editors have, to some degree, walked most of the way down that path. SearchBug also offers an Advanced API that does consider number portability, please see below.
Phone makers that incorporate JME into their phones must license the technology from Sun if they intend to make any modifications to it, Mazzocchi said.
At the site, there are links to the Federal Trade Commission, where a complaint about fraud or identity theft can be filed, as well as links to apply for a credit report.Under university policy, Social Security numbers are no longer used except where required by law.

But we are writers and freelancers, and we are not reliant on other people having our number to call us on.
You can then buy service from another provider, and when they ask if you have a preference for number, tell them you don't.
A phone maker could freely use JME under an open source license if it shares innovations to the software with the community, but most large handset makers are reluctant to do that, he said. Information about all students, alumni, faculty and staff, and others whose records are kept for business reasons, are assigned a Purdue identification number."For decades it was accepted practice to gather and keep on file Social Security numbers because that was the standard means of keeping records on individuals," said Scott Ksander, chief information officer in the Office of Information Technology at Purdue. If you have to drop your cable company's digital phone, or trade cellular carriers in a hurry without worrying about number porting ("Ooh! Rather than require phone makers to license JME as part of Android, Mazzocchi said, Google built its own virtual machine.
To head off this threat, faculty and staff are instructed to install the latest security programs and to enable automatic updates of security utilities.A number of steps have been taken to prevent security breaches in recent years.

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