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28 Nov. 2014

Cellular phones should be allowed in schools,reverse cell phone number lookup for free,find someone's cell phone number by name free - Reviews

Educational: Academics want schools to rethink bans on phone handsets Children should be allowed to use their mobile phones in class because they can serve as 'learning aids', a study claims today.
While families struggle with the right age for a child to have a cellphone, schools continue to struggle with whether or not cellphones should (and how) be used in school. Since that time, the expanded use of the cellphone overall and the uses for devices in school has increased tremendously.
ASCD SmartBrief readers voiced their opinion on the cellphone debate with a strong majority (66 percent) indicating that students should be allowed to bring and use cellphones at school and use them as a learning resource in class. Academics are calling on schools to rethink bans on phone handsets after trials suggested that functions such as calculators, stopwatches and email can be 'educational'. A recent ASCD SmartBrief ED Pulse poll asked readers if they believe students should be allowed to bring and use their cellphones at school. A 2010 Pew Internet & American Life Project study found at that time that over half cell-owning teens at schools that ban phones have sent a text message during class. Recently a school district in Pennsylvania struggled with making this decision and its implications for safety, distractions in the classroom, privacy, and bullying.

Another two in ten felt that cellphones should be allowed but not used in class (22 percent).
I want to get a good education and using my phone in school is a major distraction for me, and I know it is for other students too!!!! Because cell phones are owned by most students and is a continuing problem in the classroom, it is a high interest issue that students will take seriously. Not only do cell phones interrupt instructional time by ringing, students are texting under the desk, surfing the internet, taking pictures of tests and forwarding information to their peers, and are otherwise distracted.
If we use cellphones in school people will go onto social media apps and take pictures of other students and post them online. Discipline issues are on the rise; some schools have even banned cell phones from their campuses. During a nine-month experiment involving classes aged 14 to 16, pupils either used their own mobiles in lessons or the new generation of ' smartphones' which allow internet connection.
You can use the school’s phone if you really need to, and when there is a dangerous situation, rumors can spread fast through the use of cell phones.

They were used to create short films, set homework reminders, record a teacher reading a poem and time experiments with the phones' stopwatches. The smartphones also allowed pupils to access revision websites, log into the school email system, or transfer electronic files between school and home. The study by researchers at Nottingham University involved 331 pupils in schools in Cambridgeshire, West Berkshire and Nottingham.
However, the report admits that some teachers think greater use of mobile phones in schools could prove problematic.

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