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11 May. 2012

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Of the nine studies that looked at motility, six indicated a reduction due to mobile phones. However, cell phones also become warm, and this heat could be transmitted to the site of spermatogenesis. The important outcome of this study, I think, is that a careful look via many studies of the effects of cell phones on a biological process known to be rather delicate (the making of sperm) shows only a minor effect at best, with much equivocation on whether there is an effect at all.
And cell phones kill bees and give you brain cancer and silicone implants make women sick, and vit-C reduces colds. In modern times, it is likely that someone arrested will have a cell phone in his possession. Both Riley and Wurie had argued that the evidence from the cell phones was obtained illegally without a warrant.  The Supreme Court agreed and reversed their convictions.
Starting next year, you will no longer be able to talk on a hand-held cell phone while behind the wheel in Illinois.
The law still permits drivers to utilize a cell phone in hands-free mode or with the use of a headset. ROS are molecules including Oxygen that happen in the normal day to day course of biological activity in cells but that can increase in frequency for a number of reasons, including, and most famously, ionizing radiation.

My understanding is that this is generally considered unlikely because the range of RF-EMF produced by cell phones is thought to not be physically capable of influencing ROS quality or quantity. Governor Pat Quinn has amended the Illinois Vehicle Code to prohibit the use of a hand-held cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. However, use of a hand-held cell phone can subject one to a $75 fine for the first offense, only to be increased by $25 for each offense until reaching $150 for the fourth or subsequent offense.
One thing is certain – any attempts for a reduction in the use of cell phones for those driving is an attempt at reducing the likelihood for a collision. We conclude that pooled results from in vitro and in vivo studies suggest that mobile phone exposure negatively affects sperm quality. In vitro evidence found EMR emitted at the same frequency as mobile phones increased mitochondrial ROS production and DNA fragmentation in sperm, and decreased motility and viability ( De Iuliis et al., 2009). The heterogeneity in the motility meta-analysis was partially due to the differences in mobile phone exposure times, as the subgroup analyses demonstrated. There may be something about men who keep their cell phones in their pockets that relates to infertility. There are some exemptions to the law for the use of cell phones by law enforcement officers, those who utilize a cell phone to report an emergency and for those who are stopped in traffic so long as their motor vehicle is in neutral or park.

The phone sat in my pocket for a while and I noticed a very uncomfortable sensation of increased heat. There is no control here; there is not a study of men who keep objects that are identical to cell phones but electronically inert (placebo-phones, if you will) in their pockets. RF-EMF in the range emitted by cell phones can certainly do this if there is enough energy.
Perhaps men who keep their cell phones on belt clips represent the higher-sperm production men while those who keep their cell phones hidden away have lower sperm production.
A control study that looks at external cell phone attachment devices, and probably pocket protectors and other paraphernalia, in relation to fertility and overall manliness would be … well, probably not fundable so forget it.
Were it not minimal we would be slowly cooking our hands and faces while we talked on the phone. Still, at least one study cited by Adams et all shows an increase in heat of people’s faces while they are taking on a cell phone.

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