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14 Aug. 2015

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A bill that would have required police officers to obtain search warrant before examining the contents of a person’s cell phone was vetoes by Gov. Approval of the bill SB 914 would have overturned a decision issued by the California Supreme Court in January that said law enforcement officers could legally search the cell phones of people they arrest.
Court cases in Ohio in 2009 and West Virginia in 2010 have come to the conclusion that warrants are necessary in order to go through someones phone.
A 1997 case in Georgia allowed police to go through the convicts pager without a warrant and more recently, a 2011 case in Florida said searching cell phones without a warrant phone is legal.

Melanie Williams, department chair of the business law department at CSUN believes cell phones are a difficult problem.
Had the bill been approved by Brown, cell phones would not have been the only items safe from searches without a warrant. Only by taking off your battery can you be sure its not transmitting, and even then new phones might take away that option.
It might ruin your phone, but I personally prefer that versus having someone else with my private information.

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