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18 Sep. 2014

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The Verizon LG Ally cell phone is a reasonable size and weight, The keyboard is excellent, very tactile, easy to use, vastly superior to the Motorola Droid. If ever there was a cell phone designed specifically for seniors, it's the Jitterbug Cell Phone.
The senior-oriented feature list of the Jitterbug Cell Phone is extensive - even though the phone is almost as easy to use as your home phone.
Benefit #2 - The Jitterbug Phone is designed for seniors, not for teenage girls who were born with a computer for a brain.
Benefit #6 - The Jitterbug Phone has, for I believe an extra $4 per month, a nursing hotline. Benefit #8 - You can buy the Jitterbug Cell Phone directly from the manufacturer, Jitterbug.
So, if you want to use a cell phone for lengthy social conversations, the Jitterbug Cell Phone may be too expensive for you. Just plug the AC adapter into any 110V wall socket, insert your cellphone into the unit, and begin talking hands free while your phone is charging!
I love everything about the interface and having Pandora Radio with the real headphone jack makes this phone an instant winner for me.
Not only does it the Jitterbug Cell Phone have great reviews by seniors, it is loaded with great emergency features as well as large displays and buttons for those of us with diminished eyesight and not-so functional fingers. The Jitterbug cell phone, designed with worldwide cell phone leader Samsung, is easy to see and easy to hear.
If you're not familiar with this cell phone, this page will tell you a little bit about it.

Jitterbug will program the phone for you and will even enter several of your favorite phone numbers into the Jitterbug Phone's phone book. These companies have been reviewed by me and I think they offer a geat service for helping you save money by staying out of the nursing homes. The LG Ally Android phone for everything from email, texting, and surfing the web to music.
The Jitterbug Cell Phone also has a rubber strip around the ear piece that helps block-out back-ground noises for those of us seniors that have less-than-perfect hearing. I've helped a few people buy a Jitterbug Phone, so I'm pretty familiar with the phone and the features and benefits of this phone. If you are looking to buy the Jitterbug Cell Phone from one of those magazine ads from firstSTREET, or from another website, don't. In designing it, they needed to make sure the phone gets good reception in as many places as possible. If you need an emergency phone with an hour or two of talk time per month, that's easy to use, easy to see, easy to hear and reliable - get a Jitterbug Cell Phone. Just hook the ear clip on to your ear, insert the lightweight earbud and plug the transmitter into the battery(included) of your phone to begin talking hands free! No special phone numbers or websites to try to find, no pushy sales people at the cell phone store.
To do this, they don't contract their cell service with just one phone company - like Sprint, or Verizon. The operators will even greet you by name on every call, add your friends names and numbers to your Phone Book for you and even add appointments to your personal calendar so reminders appear right on your phone.

They contract their service through MOST of the providers - including Verizon, which they could do since it's classified as a phone for emergencies. The good news is the Jitterbug Phone's cell phone service coverage is probably the best you can get.
The bad news is, if you want to have long conversations with someone, you are basically paying multiple carriers for that phone call. This is also why you won't find the Jitterbug Phone at any of the cell phone stores, like AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. Of course, you can still call anyone you want with the number pad, just like you would on today's regular phone.
Also, I don't think the phone is available in many stores, so you may need to buy it online.
Just plug the standard 2.5mm earphone jack of your personal hands free into our Ericsson adapter and plug into your cellular phone to begin talking hands free! Just mount the speaker box to either your dashboard or seatbelt and attach the microphone clip to your phone speaker.

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