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20 Feb. 2015

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The providers list is extensive as it includes the Big 3 and their ‘discount brands’ along with newer entrants and regional carriers. Ontario Liberal bill would force clarity on rapacious cell phone providersRecently I was in Britain and needed to buy a cellphone. After I got back to Canada I had to call my local cellphone company to make a minor billing change.
The bill may inspire complaints about government intruding in operations of the free market, but the cellphone business does not in any way resemble a free and competitive market.
Some helpful information to help you choose which plan and phone (Samsung pictured on left,Apple smartphone on right) are right for you.

Find affordable cell phones and flexible plans on the T-Mobile blazing fast 4G network .Apr 10, 2010. If the few dominant providers are going to use their position to exploit customers, they can’t complain when consumers demand government protection. According to Bernard Lord, the former New Brunswick premier who now heads the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, a lobbying group for the industry, the cellphone companies are doing a fine job on their own, thanks to a voluntary code of conduct that covers contract language and fees.
The surest way to get a great debate going in Canada is to declare that your cellphone provider is by far the wost in the country, and offer a few examples.
It would require suppliers to unlock phones once they’re paid for so customers can easily switch to another company, enable consumers to cancel contracts on 30 days notice, limit cancellation charges, eliminate expiry dates on pay-as-you-go cards and require cellphone companies to notify users when they are nearing their monthly limit.

For about $100 I got an excellent phone that would do everything I needed, with no contract, plan or obligations, and could be easily re-sold when no longer needed.
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