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06 Jan. 2015

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Verizon Wireless is making its network even less hospitable for unlimited data users with the launch of its “Share Everything” plans. After the Share Everything plans launch June 28, unlimited subscribers won't be able to upgrade their phones at subsidized rates. Verizon's unlimited data plans, which only remain available to subscribers who are “grandfathered in,” are already less useful than they once were. There are something like 10 million (yes, 10,000,000) possible calling plan rate combinations possible from the major wireless providers.

They'll either have to pay full price -- about $600 and up for high-end smartphones -- or switch to a plan with tiered data. Last September, the carrier began enforcing speed limits on its heaviest users -- those who exceed about 2 GB per month -- at congested cell sites. AT&T also throttles subscribers who take full advantage of their unlimited plans, and the carrier is working on a shared data plan of its own.
If you'd rather have throttled data than overage charges, it beats getting nothing in return from Verizon.

The point of the chart was to help consumers figure out which plan works best for them, but really what it points out is that the range of options—each with its own novel’s worth of fine print—can drive you nuts.
But soon, those users will have to pay hefty upfront prices on new phones if they want to keep the privilege.

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