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11 Mar. 2014

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A new type of phone directory that provides access to reverse phone number lookups offers users the ability to lookup the name associated with an unrecognized phone number. For quite some time now, computer users have been able to use online versions of the Yellow and White Pages to look up personal and business listings, but what sets reverse cell phone searches apart from these traditional directories is the fact that they can be used to lookup phone numbers when a person does not have a mysterious caller’s name available. The reason why reverse phone search directories are such an effective tool in the battle against unwanted and unsolicited phone calls is that they lift the veil of protection from anonymous callers so that real name and alternate contact information can be gathered immediately.
Mobile numbers are pesty little buggers because they are not part of any free online database – until now. If the cell phone number you’re looking up is not on Facebook, Lookup by WhitePages is the next best option. If you get a call or text from an unknown number Current Caller ID will use the WhitePages directory to instantly let you know who it is.
Cell phone tracking someones cell phone: try out there are as extensive as though everyone has a free a cell phone application can i have his cell phone. By performing a reverse cell phone search on that number, users can find out who the number belongs to before answering the call.

In these cases, a reverse cell phone directory can play a major role in helping to screen your calls effectively. The WhitePages directory includes over 200 million residential phone numbers and over 30 million business numbers, so odds are we have what you’re looking for. However, we do have a premium text look up service called Lookup that allows you to look up any number from your mobile phone (more on that later). Number is a great online resource for identifying spam callers because of their robust user generated database.
The folks at TechCrunch recently discovered that Facebook can be used to look up mobile numbers.
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