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29 Jun. 2013

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How Cell-phone Viruses WorkAlthough they can't do much damage at present, in the future cell-phone viruses may be as debilitating as computer viruses. A reverse cell phone lookup is simply a process of finding someone’s name, address and other related information by their cell phone number.
However a problem arises when you need to run a reverse lookup on a cellular phone as the free directories do not contain any such numbers.
The good news is there are websites which claim to offer large numbers of cell phone numbers, but they are not free. I have seen websites claiming to offer free cell lookups, but they always lead eventually to the paid sites in the end, even allowing people to search for free and then charging to view the results.
Most likely there have been times in your life when a cell phone or house line number has called you, but you just simply do not know who it is. You might face a problem when you use a lookup service on a cell phone, because, the directory services that are free of cost actually do not maintain records relating to these numbers.
A point of relief here is that there are many websites that help you with services on cellular phones, though they charge an amount for it. Apart from reverse phone lookup, you should be able to find similar sources over the internet offering access to detailed background information like background details, details of missing people, public records and so on. Although there are many services online that can provide you with access to detailed telephone databases to assist you with conducting reverse cell phone lookup searches, these services are rarely free. There is, however, an insider trick to conducting your own free reverse cell phone lookup searches.
Everyday, people all over the Internet unknowingly make their unlisted phone numbers and cell phone numbers publicly available over the Internet. In addition to newspaper classifieds, people also use their cell phone numbers when they register on websites, participate in message boards and many other online endeavors. Once you get a hit on the number, your next step is to investigate the website you found it on to see if it offers any clues to the cell phone number owner’s identity.
Hopefully reading this article will help you understand how you can perform a reverse phone search.A reverse phone search is exactly how is sounds, it is a search that finds the information about the number in question. Let’s put a small disclaimer out there, the information will vary phone number to phone number, because this information changes on a monthly basis. These services are advanced search gateways that grants you access to hundreds of millions of records about landline, mobile, and unlisted phone numbers. Are you having hang ups and lat night calls coming to your cell phone, perhaps your trying to find a cingular cell phone reverse lookup directory.
If you are having a problem caller these sites are beneficial to finding other information about the person owning the cell or the business the cell is linked too.
Trying to find a cell phone number can be easy these days with our growing technological world.
Although there’s not an official cell phone directory available on the Internet yet, there are several volunteer cell phone directories popping up and gaining popularity. They promise not to let your cell number get into the hands of telemarketers and some of them notify you when anyone searches for your phone number. There are a few more independent cell phone directories popping up on the Internet all the time. At one time, you would receive phone calls and you had no information about the caller.  In many cases this was no big deal.
When an unknown number calls your phone, you can use a reverse cell phone lookup service to find out the owner of that phone number. One of the things that you should know is that mobile phone numbers are privately held by mobile phone companies. Visit the Cell Phone Reverse Look Up website to trace any phone number and discover the owner and associated info on any Cell Phone, Landline or Unlisted number.

Even though at first there were just simple reverse phone number directories that were for free and that were not released to the public, with their release to the public, they as well came the reverse cell phone directory. Therefore instead of loosing your time in making free reverse phone number lookup and not receiving the proper information, you will better try the paid reverse phone number directories.
There is no problem in letting your personal data on any website free reverse phone number directory, but one will soon find himself in the same situation as the person you are making the reverse phone number lookup to at that moment in time.
Selecting a paid reverse phone number directory, you will be granted with a full report on that person background, like the criminal record, the educational background, the employment background, his actual career and as well other phone numbers that person owns. While there is no national cell phone directory available in the USA due to various privacy concerns, there are specialized directories used by private detectives, journalists and anyone from suspicious spouses to bounty hunters to help in their business. If the number is included in the directory, you will be able to view basic identifying information such as the phone owner’s name, age, mobile provider, billing address, previous addresses and more. These sites operate in the same way, offering access to specific types of information for a set fee, however it should be noted that you will not receive access to such information as part of your cell phone lookup site membership.
It is the sad truth that the only place where you are likely to find detailed reverse cell records is within the legitimate paid directories. Cell Phone Pages also contains hundreds of cell phone and telecommunications articles and resources covering all aspects of cell phone safety, security, accessories and shopping. The reverse cell phone search has reconnected me with friends I thought I would never see again.
If there is a landline number with you and you do not have a clue as to whose number it is or the address of the person it belongs to, you can try your luck by performing a reverse phone lookup to get the particulars of the owner. Take the phone number you’re searching for and input it into the search box on your favorite search engine. Having done a lot of reverse phone searches, I can tell you that the company matters when doing a phone search, but with the right company over 95% of the information should be accurate. I have placed a link to my blog at the bottom of this page, that talks about reverse phone lookup services, and  411 bell reverse directory.
A Cingular cell phone reverse lookup can help you find the cingular cell phone user easily and accurately. If you simply type the cell phone number into the search bar, you’d be amazed how many times you can find the owner in the regular search results. These sites allow you to opt-in your cell phone number and then you have the right to search for other cell phone numbers. You can search for a person’s cell number or conduct a reverse cell phone number search only after you have added your own phone number to their database. But, more and more we want to know who is calling and to have information about people calling your phone.From this need for information, you are in control and can decide to take the call or not. What you need to do is enter the phone number into the reverse phone look up form and the service will immediately return the information you are looking for. This is exactly what companies offering reverse cell phone lookup do; they lease information and then offer the service to people. At first the cell phones did not exist that is why these directories were not either, but with the cell phone number appearance, these directories were a must. Some examples of such directories are the Reverse Phone Detective, Reverse Phone Lookup, Reverse Check Up, Reverse Mobile, Reverse People Search. If one is big enough to handle a computer and an internet connection, it will not be so difficult for one to think about the possibilities that the internet reverse phone number lookup offer him. In many European countries, phone numbers are variable in length, ranging from just five or six digits in small towns to ten or more in large cities.In the United States, phone numbers are fixed-length, with a total of 10 digits. These companies invest a lot of time and financial resources in compiling mobile phone numbers into huge data sets by using both private and public sources, as well as major cell phone carrier restricted databases.
This can obviously be very useful in situations where you have lost contact with someone but still have a record of their phone number, or simply wish to verify who owns the number before mistakenly phoning the wrong number. The service can be of use in cases like the following: You do not have contacts with somebody, though you have their phone number with you.

You can harness the power of Google’s search database to conduct your own free reverse cell phone number search. In our tests, this strategy works about 40-50 percent of the time, although it often takes quite a bit of time to consider all of the variations a person may put their phone number down in. If you don’t have hours to invest in conducting your own free reverse cell phone lookup, I suggest considering one of the other services available to make your search faster. A reverse cell search offers you to find a cell number belonging to a Cingular cell service and other cell phone companies. These reverse number searches are useful; a cingular cell phone reverse lookup can seem like a tedious and long process. You will have a more difficult time when the number is from a mobile phone because these numbers are not usually listed in public directories.
First and foremost, one must know that these directories were not the first, the first reverse phone number directories that ever appeared were the reverse phone number directories. With their appearance the reverse phone number directories split in two different types, the free and the paid reverse phone number lookup. There are also directories that combine land line, cellphone and unlisted number listings – providing an all-in-one people search service. There are many places you can perform such residential and business phone lookups online for free, including toll-free numbers.
The records they claim to offer include cell owner details, address history, carrier details, and the phone connection status. It can also be used if you want to find the owner of the phone number so that you can avoid calling up the number by mistake. These searches are very effective in finding a cell number, whether it is an individual’s cell or a business cell.
The truth is using these type of cell phone number searches is faster and easier because like I said they do the work for you.
All of the major cell phone carriers (except Verizon Wireless) are working together to create the first official cell phone directory. It is also worth noting that the databases offered by each company differ to some degree, but most include cell phones and often residential, business, toll-free, even pagers, and these websites say your searches are guaranteed legal and confidential. Read the below facts about the 411 reverse cell phone lookup services and you too will be amazed at what one can find about an unknown number. You can find several websites where you will be able to find many phone lookup of residences or organizations for free. If the person buying the ad put their cell phone or unlisted phone number in the ad, there is a high probability that phone number is now available to search. It will only list phone numbers of customers who have opted into the plan so you still won’t be able to find many numbers initially. All you have to do is get that number off your cell phone, houseline or phone bill and enter it into a reverse phone lookup service.
In doing your reverse phone number lookup one must be aware of the dangers that one puts himself to, one can endanger his personal data, by accessing the free reverse phone number directories, that will, in the case of a cell phone number, neither provide him with the suitable information.
This means that a customer's phone number can be moved to another switch without having to change any part of it, including the prefix, as long as the customer does not move out of the local-rate area.Line number - This is the number assigned at the switch level to the phone line that you are using. Since the number is assigned to the line and not to the phone itself, you can easily change phones or add more phones to the same line.­Think of the three parts like a street address, where the area code is the city, the prefix is th­e street and the line number is the house.
The information provided by most of these websites includes the details of the person who owns the number, place of residence and address, details pertaining to the carrier, and the status of the phone.

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