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04 Oct. 2012

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Cell phone cloning refers to the act of copying the identity of one mobile telephone to another. Cloning involved modifying or replacing the EPROM in the phone with a new chip, which would allow one to configure an ESN (Electronic Serial Number) via software.
Cloning has been successfully demonstrated under GSM, but the process is not easy and currently remains in the realm of serious hobbyists and researchers. It’s remotely possible that someone did clone the phone (and that Verizon is wrong about it being impossible to clone), but did it before and not just for those few calls.
Yes, there is a way, or should i say, there are several ways to check if your phone has been cloned or hacked.
Forced pairing or cell phone pairing (sometimes known as "bluejacking" or "phone cloning") is a technique introduced by Finch to connect to a target's cell phone and remotely monitor the phone owner's communications. The target typically does not receive any notification that their phone has been compromised.

Furthermore, cloning as a means of escaping the law is difficult because of the additional feature of a radio fingerprint that is present in every mobile phone’s transmission signal. All I can think of as an alternative explanation is that someone from Verizon played a prank on you by making those calls in name of your phone number (which I’m guessing technicians within Verizon could accomplish if they wanted to, but I could be completely ignorant about that). You may request your cellphone records and double-check each of your outgoing calls and data transfers to be sure that you are not making calls or transferring data that you are not aware of. The program can also utilize other features on the phone such as GPS, cameras and activating the microphone. Pairing attempts can fail if the phone is not turned on, if it has already been forced to pair with another phone or if the user has taken precautions against such an attack. Although no one other than Reese, Shaw and the detectives has discovered Finch's use of pairing, certain people (mainly intelligence operators and organized criminals) are wary of the vulnerabilities posed by mobile phones.
Mobile phone companies can use the mismatch in the fingerprints and the ESN and MIN to identify fraud cases.

You may google your phone number and see whether it comes up in any link that is not related to you.
You may call your cellphone number from another location, and see if someone will pick it up.
But it is hard to believe that someone would go to the trouble to clone my phone just to make a couple free calls in the middle of the night.

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