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24 Jul. 2015

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A very interesting interview with the Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner, Brian Owens on the problem of contraband cell phones in prisons. Interestingly, the interview did not include any discussion of deploying demand-side solutions such as a secure prison cell phone solution to reduce the contraband value of smuggled cell phones. This entry was posted in Prison Cell Phones and tagged brian owens, contraband cell phone, georgia department of corrections, Smuggled cell phone on November 29, 2011 by Brian. According to the prison commissioner, “Every day we fight the battle of keeping cell phones and other contraband out of our facilities.
While is is true that smuggled cell phones in prisons are unmonitored, unsecured and inappropriately used, the meshDETECT secure prison cell phone solution provides all the security and forensic capabilities of traditional prison land-line phones. According to the news release, state Commissioner Brian Owens said, “This incident brings to light the serious dangers of cell phones in our prison system. The news release did not explain the role of cell phones in the fight and Hogan did not return phone calls from 13WMAZ. This entry was posted in Prison Cell Phones and tagged fight, gang activity, lockdown, Smuggled cell phone, telfair state prison on November 22, 2011 by Brian. An interesting article about the growth of gangs in prison in Idaho and the increase in smuggled contraband cell phones as a result.
That can be a daunting task, since those gang leaders have plenty of time and motivation to come up with creative ways to outwit their captors with smuggled cell phones or Facebook pages maintained in their names by friends or family outside prison.
The other law he hopes will pass this winter would fight one of the biggest problems gang investigators face: contraband phones.
In the past year, prison staff confiscated 18 cellphones from inmates, and there are likely numerous others they never found.

IDOC has some cellphone detection equipment, including a phone-sniffing dog at the medium-security Idaho State Correctional Institution. This entry was posted in Prison Cell Phones and tagged contraband, DOC, Facebook, gangs in prison, maximum security prison, sim card, Smuggled cell phone on November 20, 2011 by Brian.
This entry was posted in Prison Cell Phones and tagged contraband, dog, jail, k9, Smuggled cell phone on November 11, 2011 by Brian. A prison official states, “We have found the phones and sim cards in the strangest of places. The problem with only addressing the supply side of the contraband cell phone problem is that demand still exists. Inmates at Westville Prison in Durban, posing as policemen, are believed to be behind a cellphone scam that has raked in thousands of rand. The Daily News has spoken to three victims of the scam and this week three cellphones were seized from cells during daily raids, said the source. He said cellphones were also used by the prisoners to run online businesses and sell airtime. Zikhali said offenders could only make calls from telephone booths located outside their cells and at a specific time. All three victims had their names and cellphone numbers published in various newspapers before they were called. The prison source said cellphones and sim cards were smuggled into the prison through corrupt officials and relatives of the prisoners.
While some believe supplying an inmate with a cell phone is useful to contact family and friends, in most cases, the opposite is proven.

Part of the strategy, as in other states such as California, is a legistative initiative to increase the penalty for smuggling cell phones.
Officials don’t know who smuggled them in or how, he said, but all of the devices found were prepaid phones that are hard to trace to individuals — especially since savvy prisoners conceal the SIM cards separately from the phones.
But now it appears that in some prisons cellular airtime on contraband smuggled phones may be the new prison currency.
Victims are either told to transfer money into a Money Market account at Checkers or to buy airtime and transfer it to the inmate’s cellphone.
There is no reason for one prisoner to fight to take another’s cell phone because it can not be used to call unapproved phone numbers. The article quotes an official, “We want to make it a felony to introduce cellphones within a prison.
According to this article, prisoners in a South African jail are using smuggled cell phones to run a scam to get wireless airtime.
The source said that cellphones and airtime were a sought-after commodity in prison with inmates trading these for drugs, cigarettes, food, toiletries, pornography and cash. If they can make calls without going through the monitored phone system, they can coordinate attacks, they can coordinate riots. By supplying an inmate with a cell phone, the safety of everyone at the facility is jeopardized,” added Owens.

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