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06 Mar. 2015

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A reverse cell phone look up is a tool used by many people today who need to verify unknown numbers. Looking up reverse numbers is much easier if the number that has been calling you is a land line. Before you begin any type of reverse cell phone lookup, you should think about the ethical and legal ramifications behind it. To begin a reverse cellular phone lookup of a landline you can first try to use Google or any other search engine provider. Since cell phone numbers are much harder to track, you are likely to have a much lower success rate that with landlines. If someone calls you and makes claims that sound too good to be true or you are just very careful about whom you give your number and talk on the phone to, cell phone lookups can help you put a name to the voice on the other line.

While it is possible to reverse lookup a cell phone number, it can be very expensive and have limited success. Because these numbers are controlled by private companies, websites that specialize in reverse cell phone lookup have to pay those companies to have access to the numbers.
This is because of the sheer number of cell phones in the world today, and also the frequency with which they change hands and phone numbers. This means you will have to find larger phone lookup websites and will probably have to pay a fee.
However, reverse cell phone lookup is legal in the United States as there are many innocent reasons you might need to do it. However, they might already have a more thorough background on the person or organization you want to look up.

Also, cell phone numbers are issued by the individual phone companies who provide service to that particular phone. White Pages has around 37 million visitors a year and holds contracts with most of the major cell phone providers, giving it one of the larger databases. However, AnyWho only does about 3.3 million successful reverse cell phone lookups per year.

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