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03 Aug. 2014

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Google Voice has been out for years, but many people in the US still haven’t given it a try. There are ways to sign up for Google Voice outside of the US, but even if you manage to do so you’ll be left with a US number.
Best of all, you can even receive incoming calls in Gmail and answer them from your computer.
These apps can be used by anyone to place free calls to the US or Canada, but they become a full sending-and-receiving solution when paired with a Google Voice account.
Google Voice gives you a special number that allows you to forward your calls to other numbers. Google also offers a way to port your existing phone number to Google Voice if you’d rather not give everyone your new Google Voice number. Google Voice provides voicemail, but it doesn’t just give you a piece of audio to listen to. For some reason, blocking phone numbers isn’t often easy even though we live in 2013. Because of the way Google Voice handles call forwarding, you can switch phones during a call. One thing that has always been the nirvana of data collection for companies has been call centers. Today with the advancements of clusters of transcoding servers all this can be done in real-time and time, providing hits to the call center agents on what to do next. We now know that Google has been complicit in acts against the American people by giving up private email and search data to the NSA through a program called PRISM. Instead of standing up to the Federal Government and protecting its users from Orwellian spying, Google proves they have no balls and that the almighty dollar is more important than our private conversations and searches. Google is notorious for bringing out services, then discontinuing them after people have had time to become dependent on them. I can answer the cell phone out side and transfer to the home Magic Jack easily once inside to save cell charges.
When the contract ran up on my smart phone a year ago, I turned off service and used Google Voice + GrooveIP solely. I've been using Voice for a over a year.When it first came out it gave me a limited time to set up a number. I've just enabled displaying the comments on the article pages themselves (although hidden by default), so I'm guessing we'll have more of these slip in for old topics that I didn't close. The thing is, the layout of this forum actually encourages necroposting, since the "Suggested Topics" list at the bottom of each thread tends to point to older threads. If you want to know in what way to trace cell phone numbers for free you might want to ask yourself how much time and struggle you want to put into the task. There are numerous reasons you can’t look up cell phone numbers and their proprietors very easily. You can do a free cell phone trace by simply inputting the number into one of the big search engines. Your next choice on doing a free reverse cell phone look up is spending one of the many free almanacs that are beginning to display up around the internet.
You can search for just about any cellphone number on the Internet using a variety of services.
With fraudulent activities reaching a peak in these tough economic times, it sometimes becomes necessary for you to find the name as well as the location of the owner of some particular cell phone number. Chances are some one day someone has called you with an anonymous number and refused to reveal his identity. It is basically a process of using the cell phone number of an individual to find his name, location and other relevant information. You have to utilize an authentic directory service in order to conduct a reverse mobile phone lookup. If you are becoming a victim of obnoxious calls from unknown people who become unreachable after the call, you can use a reverse search service to reverse a number and trace the number. Since such services are run online, you need to type in the number in the search box on the website of the service. Online cell phone directories contain a massive database comprising of the numbers and information about most people residing in the country. You can easily use this service and all that you need to do is type in the number and get the information that you require.

If the problem is not serious enough and is restricted to telemarketing calls and similar things, you can reverse a number to give the owner a piece of your mind and that would probably be enough to stop the unwanted calls.
Google Voice offers many features you can’t get elsewhere, and almost all of them are free. However, these calls will appear to come from a random shared number that your recipients won’t recognize.
However, apps like GrooVe IP and Talkatone allow you to receive and place calls over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection — no need for cell phone minutes. You can send and receive texts in your browser from the Google Voice website or via the Google Voice Chrome extension. Once you set this up and give everyone your Google Voice number, you’ll be able to more easily switch phones in the future. This is one of the few Google Voice features that costs money — the other being international calls outside the US and Canada. Google Voice uses Google’s advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe your voicemail, turning it into readable text. You can set up rules and priorities — automatically forwarding calls to your office phone during certain hours of the day and to your cell phone during the rest of the day, for example. While on a call, press the * button on your phone and your other connected phones will ring. Imagine all this being done at a small company without the billions of dollars that Google has to make your customer experience better on the phone. They have the processing technology and dollars to take every call made with Google voice, identify the parties you are speaking with, build in your emotional state, and provide advertisers even more data points that are used to market you as a person. The cause for this is simple, there is not actually an easy way to do a reverse cell phone look up that doesn’t comprise some sort of fee. The cellular providers do not easily provide their customer information to the general community because of privacy problems and federal regulations. A new page will open up with all of the information related to that number, including the owner's information and the cellphone carrier.
As cell phone numbers cannot be found in telephone directories or whitepages, you require a reverse phone lookup service in order to find a cell phone number. It is often common and once in a while you might have received such calls to your office or home phone.
Such services buy the access the databases of subscribers of different phone companies and mobile operators. Due to different privacy concerns, no national cell phone directory is available in the USA. You need to simply type in the phone number that you are trying to look up and click on the “Search” button. The fees as well as the information provided will vary on the basis of the source where you search for the cell phone number of an individual. Once you input the unknown number that you wish to find name by phone number, click on the search button.
You can simply type in the number that is causing you worries and hit the search button to get the owner information displayed in a few seconds.
White Pages contains information about 90% of people in the US with a mobile phone connection. But if you find some stalker behind the calls, it is best to take legal help and alert the authorities.
If you switch to Google Voice, calls you place from Gmail will appear to come from your own personal Google Voice number. They’re unofficial, but tap into the same support that Google uses for calls in Gmail. The official Google Voice mobile app also offers free texts, so you can text for free from your phone without any unofficial apps. If Google Voice messes up the transcription or you’d just rather hear the original message, you can also listen to the attached audio file. You could also have Google Voice ring one phone and continue to other phones if you don’t answer. Pick one up and you can continue the call without hanging up — perfect for if your cell phone is about to die or for switching between landline and cell phones on the go.
The genius of this system was that recorded conversations with agents would be analyzed for the mood and other elements.
For me it's not Google, I am happy running my own VoIP server at home with no Google interaction.

Google even admitted (rather smugly, at that) that people can't expect any privacy when using G-mail.
My Magic Jack travels with me so when I stay with friends or in a motel I get my calls and make them free. When I tried it wouldn't let me set it up for a new number so I could receive calls on my PC. Because of this there are no easy to use phone books or 411 kind information sites that will let you do a cell phone trace.
The idea here is using the skill of the search engines to ferret out information in each corner of the internet. If you are unable to search for a number using a free site, you can submit it to a website that charge a moderate fee for the service. Thanks to technology, you needn’t worry anymore about such suspicious numbers as you can find name by phone number without much hassle by using reverse telephone look up service.
The services combine more than one information sources to offer users a huge database comprising of about all the phone numbers in the country.
Journalists, private detectives, bounty hunters and even suspicious husbands, wives and partners make use of specialized directories to find a cell phone number that they want. You can get all the information of the phone owner of his or her number is listed in the directory. If you do not have the inclination or the budget to use paid services, you may opt for other useful alternatives. Just the same way you use the search engine to obtain relevant information, the reverse phone look up service should be able to return results and you will eventually get the name of the caller. Although the results may display more than one person in the end, you can be able to deduce the person who is pestering you with unwanted calls.
It is better not to take matter into your own hands and although a self-investigation might look tempting, it may actually invite trouble for you. For example, it could call your home phone, work phone, and then cell phone in order if you don’t answer any of them. The future might not look amazingly sunny for Google Voice, especially since it hasn’t been rolled out internationally, but there are no real indications that Google is planning a shutdown any time soon. True, no internet service will be 100% safe, but Google is hight on the list for being unsafe. My tablet also sounds a note or two that the e-mail transcript has arrived and I can answer in a reply if I want.
You can simply look up landline numbers for trades and residences but cellular numbers are a whole one more story.
In other words to gain association you have to give your name, cell phone number, address, and some other personal info. Telephone numbers from a well-known mobile provider like Verizon Wireless are generally easier to search for than lesser-known brands. The database can be searched through and includes cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers and land line numbers.
Reverse lookup services invest a lot of money and time to compile cell phone numbers into gigantic databases to be used by both public and private organizations, and even offer the restricted databases of major cell phone carriers. It is best to notify the cops about the problem and hand over the number and owner information to them and let the law take its own course. If they finally allow use of those stupid phones on airlines, a truly valid reason to hijack the plane will occur! Because of this condition these types of sites do not contain a devastating amount of numbers.
You may also request a complete background check which may involve any divorce or criminal record of the owner.
If the number is not listed in any free database, and you want the information badly, you may have to use only a paid service. This might be useful for you if you wish to reconnect with an old friend or lover and have lost touch with him or her a long time ago.
While some offer free services, others ask you to pay a small fee to get access to the name, location and other information about a specific mobile phone number.

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