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15 Aug. 2015

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Caller ID Lookup Lite should find approximately 90% of all phone numbers, in particular; mobile phone number in North America. OverviewA Lookup Source lets you specify a source for resolving numeric caller IDs of incoming calls to names. In some locations, such as Canada, the area code is not reported by your phone company for local calls. The CallClerk - Control Panel is used to turn the reverse number lookup function on or off for familiar, unfamiliar and blocked callers.

If checked, the option Suppress Reverse Number Lookups when Microsoft® Outlook® Contact Card is found will suppress reverse number lookups if the Outlook Pop-up feature is turned on and an Outlook Contact Card is found for the caller. As the internet reverse lookup service will require this information CallClerk will need to know it. Note: OpenCNAM's Hobbyist Tier (default) only allows you to do 60 cached Caller ID lookups per hour. In this case your local area code information will be taken from the 'My Area Code' field on the CallClerk - Settings - Dial-out window.

If you get more than 60 incoming calls per hour, or want real-time CallerID information (more accurate), you should use the Professional Tier. Any time a call comes in on this inbound route, it will look up the number against our source.

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