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09 Jun. 2015

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We see a lot of confusion on the web about the best resources for caller ID, and we’re not surprised. If the cell phone number you’re looking up is not on Facebook, Lookup by WhitePages is the next best option. The WhitePages directory includes over 200 million residential phone numbers and over 30 million business numbers, so odds are we have what you’re looking for.
However, we do have a premium text look up service called Lookup that allows you to look up any number from your mobile phone (more on that later).

The folks at TechCrunch recently discovered that Facebook can be used to look up mobile numbers.
There is also websites built for this, which results in giving you more information about the owner of the phone number.
Leading site for this is “Phone Detective”, they provide basic information of the cell phone owner, such as addresses, business numbers, name, and more. Yes reverse phone look-up is legal, yet there is tons & tons of people who claim it to be a “Invasion of privacy” and in some cases it is.

Intelius actually had to close down their service in 2008 to avoid any lawsuits, but after some laws were made, and intelius reduced the amount of info given, it is now back up and running as the worlds biggest provider for cell phone related reverse phone look-ups.

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