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21 Dec. 2014

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The final result is best appreciated in the relatively formidable phone book, and here are some samples of Bell Centennial typeset in its intended use. So, here’s to Bell Centennial, Matthew Carter and all the wonderful booklets that show the design process with so much detail, we certainly could use more of these. I'm ready to sell my house, and find a new one with an “8” in the address, just so I can tear off the house number and replace it with Bell Centennial.

As Bell Centennial became available as a retail type family in the digital age, designers found an attractive feature in the functional ink traps of the Bold Listing weight and happily blew it up to sizes that would be anything but economical in a phone book.
That's the year my house was built--I'm totally replacing my Garamond address numbers with Bell. Carter was kind enough to lend us a copy of this hard-to-find booklet for our research on Bell Centennial, here are some photographic highlights.

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