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16 Jan. 2013

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Segap (spell it backwards, nudge nudge) was a cartoon character promoting yellow pages ads. The first telephone directory, somewhat less substantial than the pile that was in my lobby until it gracefully transitioned to the curb, was a single sheet of paper distributed to phone customers in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1878. In trying to learn more about the phrase for this piece, I stumbled across a cool Google tool which tracks use of the term over time. There, in a brick cube about three feet per side, were the brand new Manhattan white pages.

Created by the Vice President of Marketing for Pacific Northwest Bell (at least according to his grandkid), the phrase simply popped into his head one night at dinner. Enter direct dial which, starting in the 1920s, allowed any party to directly call another, sidestepping human interaction – and giving us phone numbers. Well, courtesy the Internet Archive, here’s an entire film about telephone operators and the men that love them. While it was designed for print (obviously), at left is an image comparing it with, say, Times New Roman.

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