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30 May. 2014

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AOL must have missed the uproar over the DOJ’s demand for “anonymized” search data last year that caused all sorts of pain for Microsoft and Google.
The data includes all searches from those users for a three month period this year, as well as whether they clicked on a result, what that result was and where it appeared on the result page. The most serious problem is the fact that many people often search on their own name, or those of their friends and family, to see what information is available about them on the net.
User 491577 searches for “florida cna pca lakeland tampa”, “emt school training florida”, “low calorie meals”, “infant seat”, and “fisher price roller blades”.
I am assuming that AOL will take this page and the data down soon, but as of the time of this post it has been downloaded 809 times already. AOL provides various digital brands, products, and services to consumers, advertisers, publishers, and subscribers worldwide. As you start reaching more people the likelihood of your audience searching your brand or product name to learn more information about what you’re offering presents itself.
For advertisers using traffic sources other than paid search, it can be easy to overlook how simple it is to flood the SERP’s with negative listings and compromise the results for brand or product terms.
Using a web hosting package from Arctic Hosting will give search engines the impression that your domains are not all residing on a single IP, or controlled by the same party. It’s important to realize that machine learning is being used to enhance the search experience for users over time where factors such as query selection and associated frequencies, clicked results, on-page behaviors, click-backs, behavioral time sequences, click-through patterns, relationships of subsequent queries, pattern frequencies, and all actions in between.
If you’re building your business to rank well on search engines as a primary way of generating revenue, your business will be as strong as a house of cards.
Most SEOers are sales professionals that know enough about the benefits of search engine optimization to sell a business owner on why it’s necessary.
Stop thinking about the associated search volumes on targeted keywords and start thinking about real user queries. Google’s Autocomplete algorithm should be used more to gather insights on real user queries, attitudes, behaviors, and search tendencies when compared to brands and specific keyword sets.

SEOers focusing exclusively on generating organic traffic through link building with the intentions of increasing SERP visibility felt the wrath of the Penguin update more so than business owners and marketers using natural search visibility as a way to compliment their other marketing efforts. By using the EXPANDED VIEW feature you can now see the entire campaign in one view where you can sort by Website, Keyword, Country, Search Volume, Rankings, and SERP Position Changes.
About a month ago a mid-level executive I know in California asked my advice about getting a new cell phone.
Walk into any café or company and you develop an instant perception about people's ages and income levels based upon their phones. Touch screen phone users (Android and iPhone) earn good money (or they are just computer geeks).
As a side note, the executive I mentioned above ended up getting a new Android smart phone even though our conversation established that he really didn't need one. Clearly the person who wrote this and the people that conducted this stupid survey didn't take into account people financial situation. AOL is in damage control mode – the fact that they took the data down shows that someone there had the sense to realize how destructive this was, but it is also an admission of wrongdoing of sorts.
That’s the only way to explain their release of data that includes 20 million web queries from 650,000 AOL users. Among user 39509’s hundreds of searches are: “ford 352”, “oklahoma disciplined pastors”, “oklahoma disciplined doctors”, “home loans”, and some other personally identifying and illegal stuff I’m going to leave out of here. Excite released data very similar to what AOL has done here, with user associations, in 1999. This story comes on the heels of the recorded phone call with customer service disaster as well as a just-in story about a woman who is unable to cancel her deceased father’s AOL account, nine months after his death.
TinEye’s index is growing rapidly each month so the ability to reverse engineer image search using their technology can make any business owner or SEOer a force to be reckoned with. As the media cycle started to wind down, I needed to give the people what they want… A LOGICAL EXPLANATION!

Poeple Serach online websites AOL, MSN, Yahoo white pages US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia - the world. Android and Apple iPhone smart phone users are younger and they earn more money than people using other types of cell phones. While the AOL username has been changed to a random ID number, the abilitiy to analyze all searches by a single user will often lead people to easily determine who the user is, and what they are up to. Among user 545605’s searches are “shore hills park mays landing nj”, “frank william sindoni md”, “ceramic ashtrays”, “transfer money to china”, and “capital gains on sale of house”.
The data includes personal names, addresses, social security numbers and everything else someone might type into a search box.
Combine it with an address, social security number, etc., and you have an identity theft waiting to happen. A cell phone doesn't make the man or woman but like many other small things it does say a lot about your age, income and technical sophistication.
I’m leaving out the worst of it – searches for names of specific people, addresses, telephone numbers, illegal drugs, and more. There is no question that law enforcement, employers, or friends could figure out who some of these people are.
It says you have a cell phone, although it may take many keypresses to get it to act like one. So self important that you have to have your face staring at this thing all day long because SO many people have to keep in touch with you; forget the fact that it doesn't do anything very well at all.

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