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09 Sep. 2012

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Use these people search tips and how-to's to help find people that you are looking for, including friends, family, classmates, coworkers and military buddies. Before you start an online people search, write down as much personal information about the people or person that you are looking for.
One of the first online free people finder sites that you should use is a good free 411 directory assistance search. Two of the most popular directory assistance search sites are -- White Pages and Yellow Pages.
Try running a person's name and any known addresses and residential locations through these sites first to see what you can find.
Social networking is big and any serious search for a person should include the top social networking sites. Blogs, like social networks, are very popular and provide the user with yet one more free option to do a people search.
In addition, you can enter an address into one of the major search engines like Yahoo or Google to find any information associated with it on the web. However, the best reverse cell phone number lookups to try is any of the major search engines like Yahoo or Google. When using Yahoo or Google searches to reverse lookup a cell phone number, just enter the phone number into the search engine and see what results are returned from the search.

To do a free nearby search on a person, take any current of former address you have for a person and do a reverse address lookup ( making sure to leave out the street number ). For example: you have an address on someone for [ 3005 Anywhere Lane, Los Angeles, CA ], you can enter this into a reverse address lookup online, making sure to leave out the house number. Find the returned addresses closest to the address for the person you are looking for and see if the people are neighbors and know anything about the person's whereabouts. Last name only searches for a person can yield possible relatives, especially if the person you are looking for has an uncommon last name or has lived in small towns and less populated areas.
If the person has an uncommon last name, you can search any 411 Whitepages lookup online, using just the last name ( leave the first name field blank ). One of the greatest people search tools you have for finding a past friend, classmate, coworker or military buddy is your own personal social and business network. You can find a comprehensive listing of state and federal inmate locators and lookups at our inmate search page.
If the person has filed a forwarding address, the envelope will be returned to you with the person's new address printed on it for your records.
You can visit the USPS ancillary service endorsements page for more information on proper use and placement of ancillary service endorsements on an envelope.
Use combinations of the personal information that you wrote down from tip 1 to help you locate a person faster and easier using Google as a free people search tool.

I have found pictures, news articles and information on numerous people from my past by entering their name on the Yahoo and Google Image Search sites. These two image search sites will return any indexed images associated with a search term or name, which can lead you to the web sites or news article that contains the picture. You can find a good list of online searches for finding deceased people on our death index lookup directory. As federal, state, county and local governments put more public records searches online, it is becoming easier to find people using these public records sites. To find available public records sites for federal, state, county or city just do a search on USA.gov for the specific type of public records that you are looking for. The more heavily populated a state, county or city is, the more likely they are to have some type of online public records searches.

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