How to stop puppy from biting leash

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Search through our adoptable dogs and puppies at our Port Washington, NY shelter or the available animals in your area by using the search tool.
Some of the benefits of adopting a dog include: companionship, entertainment, life-lessons, a better quality of life and mental and physical health improvements.
David Woodruff is pictured with his adopted puppy Daisy as he completes the adoption application during A Puppy's Voice visit to PetSmart, 4432 S. Be sure to sign up for Search Saver e-mails, to receive the latest updates when new adoptable pets become available.

We always have a wide variety of animals looking for new loving homes, including pure-breed and mixed-breed dogs and puppies ranging in all ages, shapes and sizes. 100% of your proceeds will go into helping our goals and missions – ensuring each and every animal that we come in contact with is brought to good health for the members of our community to adopt and care for.
Here are some helpful resources you’ll find important when it comes to adoption, care and more! A Puppy's Voice is a no-kill dog rescue that works with Colorado and national shelters to save dogs and puppies from euthanasia.

The group is pictured during their weekly meet and greet for potential adoptive families at PetSmart, 4432 S.

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