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A Queensland Search and Rescue helicopter finally locates Mr Keys, who was stranded in the Jardine River National ParkLuckily, Queensland Police Senior Constable and Land Search And Rescue officer Brad Foat saw the SOS sign, after he directed his helicopter outside the original search zone on a hunch.'I was stoked as this was the first good clue we had. The Jardine River National Park is in far north Queensland and very isolated'He came around again while I continued to jump up and down like a lunatic and this time someone waved to me out of the window.'But, finding Mr Keys was only half the battle.
The 63-year-old, pictured holding a snake, said he felt 'stupid but lucky' to have survived'I feel stupid but lucky,' Mr Keys said, after surviving the ordeal that saw him take shelter under shrubs and have to rely on his most basic survival instincts.'I'm sorry about the worry caused to friends and family. Well, then Michael Solomon  -  the author of How To Find Lost Objects and the world's only professor in a new, incredibly useful science he's dubbed 'findology'  -  is your man.

Use his 12 findology tips and, chances are, those car keys or that Post-It note will suddenly reappear as if by magic. The first tip is wonderfully comforting to anyone who's experienced that lurching 'I've lost my wallet' feeling. This weekend we are planning to create a landing strip in her entryway, and I looked to Pinterest for some DIY ideas for all of her keys. To avoid this, repeatedly murmur the name of the object.' Then, as you mutter 'car keys, car keys, car keys', remember pr inciple seven  -  the camouflage effect. In other words, someone has borrowed your umbrella, eaten your doughnut, or nicked your car keys.

Lost keys, books and eyeglasses can be replaced.' Even Solomon occasionally loses objects, despite decades of using his own rules. He says that St Anthony, the patron saint of lost objects, is the only other findologist that he has heard of.

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