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We took this photo of picnic tables stacked up at our local Lowe’s home center and for $88 we thought it was a great price. These tables come in a flat box so there is still some assembly required but you don’t have to cut and prepare the lumber, drill holes or buy nuts and bolts. We built one of these tables last year and went a step further by sanding and painting it but you could keep the wood in it’s natural state which looks great. Adding a drink trough to your picnic table is a great way to keep drinks cold and easily available for outdoor entertaining.
Turn the picnic table over and remove any diagonal braces under the table that attach to the center board of the picnic table top.

The diagonal picnic table supports were reattached to the bottom of the top and leg cleats on each side of the drink trough.
Adding a drink trough to a picnic table is an easy project that can be done in an hour or two. Building a Picnic Table for Your YardBuilding a sturdy picnic table can seem like a challenging task, but if you follow a detailed set of instructions, it can be accomplished fairly easily. Begin by removing any diagonal braces from the underside that attach to the center of the table.
With most picnic table instructions all you have to do is mark the measurements on traditional sized lumber, connect the points with a straight line, and make your cuts.

Now you can add two by twos along the length of the table, on either side of the center board.

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