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The WSU Social Work programs offers and collaborates on a variety of social work-oriented international learning opportunities. Students with some Spanish skills and interest in a semester-long experience in Mexico may be able to participate in study abroad programs during the spring semester of their junior year. Other experiences offered by the social work department have been to places such as Great Britain and Bangladesh. WSU Environmental Sciences student, Chris Nielsen, has employed a combination of histopathological stains and autoradiography to study the microdistribution of plutonium nitrate in the lungs of a USTUR Registrant and beagle dogs from historical studies. Abstract - The long-term retention of inhaled soluble forms of plutonium raises concerns as to the potential health effects in persons working in nuclear energy or the nuclear weapons program. Many students may want to go abroad through the Study Abroad office during their sophomore year and take University Studies classes. Each year one or two short-term (1-3 week) social work travel study opportunities in Mexico are offered that provide students from 3-6 credits. Students should check with their advisor to learn more about these programs early in their college experience.

The distributions of long-term retained inhaled plutonium-nitrate [239Pu(NO3)4] deposited in the lungs of an accidentally exposed Hanford worker and in the lungs of experimentally exposed beagle dogs with varying initial lung depositions were determined.
This way their social work sequencing will not be interrupted and their experiences will only enhance their learning in their junior and senior years.
Autoradiographs of selected histological lung, lymph node, trachea, and nasal turbinate tissue sections were made to determine the location of plutonium within the tissues.
A variety of specific stains were used to detect apoptosis and connective tissue generation. Wang were employed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA, and members of Dr. These studies showed that fibrotic scar tissue effectively encapsulated the plutonium and prevented its clearance from the body or translocation to other tissues.
Alpha activity from deposited plutonium in the human case was observed primarily along the sub-pleural regions and strongly associated with the deposition of a carbon material, thought to be cigarette residue.
However, high activity levels in the tracheobronchial lymph nodes of the beagle dogs indicated they were more effective in clearing deposited plutonium from the lung tissues to the tracheobronchial lymph nodes.

In both the human and beagle dogs, the appearance of bound plutonium was inconsistent with current biokinetic models for soluble forms of plutonium. The presence of sequestered plutonium in the beagle dogs suggested similar retention in the human case may not have been totally from cigarette smoking. The findings presented here provide additional support for a need to revise the lung model and include a bound plutonium fraction occurring after inhalation of plutonium nitrate, qualitatively not unlike that occurring after inhalation of insoluble plutonium oxide particles which also have been reported as being sequestered in pulmonary scar tissue.
This bound fraction will have a marked effect on the dose to the lungs and the potential increase in cancer risk.
It is suggested that the observation of long term retention of inhaled soluble plutonium nitrate in lungs be reflected in biokinetic models for radiation protection purposes.

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