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The CV examples on this page where written by Bradley CVs professional CV writers and demonstrate how to produce an interview-winning CV. The CV example below is the brand new CV that was produced by Bradley CVs to showcase everything that Ian had to offer his next employer. This CV example produced by Bradley CVs was for Helen Shaw, a recent graduate who was looking for a graduate job in the music industry. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Ease of writing reflects your attitudeo? How do you feel about writing in general?o? What do you find difficult about expressing yourself in writing?o? Is English your first language?o? How much writing experience to you have?o? How well do you know the subject area? Writing in the Disciplineso? Each discipline’s writing style reflects that discipline’s interests, directions, preferences, history, cultural biases, etc. Why write in the form of a paper?o? Conventionso? Acceptance by academic communityo? Ease of storage, retrieving, and reading e.g. An example papero? The pages numbers on the following slides refer to this article –O’Higgins, E.
Indirect quotes or paraphrasesUse of source material where you take ideas but attribute them tothe original source.
Indirect quotes continuedo? O’Higgins uses this way to handle sources on page 242 In the past, 23 percent of states dependent on oil exports have experienced civil war in any five-year period.

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. For every paragraph, think about the main idea that you want to communicate in that paragraph and write a clear topic sentence which tells the reader what you are going to talk about. List paragraphs should include words like: similarly, additionally, next, another example, as well, furthermore, another, firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally, and so on. Cause and effect paragraphs should include words like: consequently, as a result, therefore, outcomes included, results indicated, and so on. Compare and contrast paragraphs should include words like: on the other hand, by contrast, similarly, in a similar way, conversely, alternatively, and so on. Problem solution paragraphs should include words like: outcomes included, identified problems included, other concerns were overcome by, and so on. Background, context or a general orientation to the topic so that the reader has a general understanding of the area you are discussing. Each paragraph should make a point which should be linked to your outline and thesis statement.
The most important consideration in the body paragraphs is the argument that you want to develop in response to the topic.
Conclusive sentence: close the paragraph by linking back to the point you made to open the paragraph and linking this to your thesis statement.

As you write the body, make sure that you have strong links between the main ideas in each of the paragraphs. End with a comment, a resolution, or a suggestion for issues that may be addressed in future research on the topic. You will have to adapt to these disciplines and their conventions in order to be successful.
First it presents an overview of the nature of corruption, its interfacing sources on the supply and demand sides, its economic and human impacts on societies in developing countries, and its effects on the corporate suppliers of corrupt remittances. Then, the extractive resource industry is presented as an arena wherein the conditions for corruption and its link with low human development are especially intense and pernicious, and subject to a self-reinforcing vicious cycle. For example, are you: listing a number of ideas, comparing and contrasting the views of different authors, describing problems and solutions, or describing causes and effects? O’Higgins (2006) indicates that Lockheed, an American manufacturer of civilian and military planes, was found to have paid kickbacks and money to political parties in foreign countries in an effort to secure contracts.” n?? Another way to do this would be to leave the writer’s name out indicating the ownership only in a bracketed section at the end of the indirect quote. Corruption, underdevelopment, and extractive resource industries: Addressing the vicious cycle.

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