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Williamsons Solicitors team of specialist solicitors and Wills and Probate experts that will provide you with comprehensive advice on a range of services related to Wills and Probate. Whether you are seeking advice on Wills, Trusts, Estate Protection and Planning, Power of Attorney, Court of Protection, Probate, Administration of Estates, or Will Disputes, we can help. Whatever you require assistance with, Williamsons Solicitors’ team of solicitors and experts are here to help. At Williamsons Solicitors, we offer a FREE initial consultation which gives you the chance to explain your individual circumstances. Richard Smith was very helpful in helping me to find the right way to proceed with my claim. Over 70% of us risk bequeathing costly confusion to our nearest and dearest by not making a Will that reflects our current wishes and circumstances. If you are a married couple with children but no Will, then your spouse may not inherit all of your estate. With the massive increases in house prices in recent years, more estates are falling into Inheritance Tax (IHT). But IHT has eclipsed the less spectacular but more frightening threat of long term care, which charges a rate of 100% on all assets over £23,000.
Help mature couples who are concerned about losing their property under the terms of the Community Care Act 1990, should they need long term care. We all know we need a Will, but people of different ages and professions "put off" this ultimate form of protection. Is the person or people who will sort out your Estate and carry out the instructions in your Will.
It is important that you choose your executors carefully and check that they are prepared to take on the responsibility to avoid problems later on.

Sometimes you may want to provide an alternative executor in case one of them dies before you. Are appointed by you to look after assets on behalf of beneficiaries, usually for under age children. Your estate is made up of your house and contents, your car, jewellery, personal valuables, pension rights, life assurance policies, shares, savings, premium bonds, investments and business assets if applicable. If you have children and you and your partner both die before they are 18 years old you will want to appoint one or two people to act as Guardians who should be responsible for your children's welfare, maintenance and education.
Is anything that remains after all debts, taxes and expenses have been paid and beneficiaries have received their specific legacies. We are specialists in writing wills, trusts and powers of attorney to protect your family interests. By understanding your circumstances if alone, attached or with many family interests, we can guide you through the complexities to deliver your wishes effectively and economically. The time and costs of administering an estate without a will are increased, often dictated by court. The children then need special consideration as their inheritance is in the gift of the later relationship. If happy, we help you through the maze of executors, guardians, beneficiaries and issues to be considered using a well proven pathway only then do you commit any funds. Our dedicated and friendly staff take a very personal approach to ensuring that you have complete peace of mind whatever your situation may be. If you are a unmarried couple, then unless you have made a Will, your partner may not get anything. Lawyers in our firm will be pleased to act as your executors, either alone or with a member of your family or a friend.

There are no restrictions upon who you leave your estate to, other than tax considerations. We recommend family executors wherever appropriate and provide support and help as required. They are a disaster for couples not married or in civil partnership and unlikely to match your needs if married with children.
The system provides that if you have property or savings over A?14,000 (2009) some or all of the excess will be taken to fund your care. You may consider that as most people instruct a solicitor to help administer their estate that the process can be completed more quickly if your solicitor can sign all the documents. Remember that family arguments often start over small sentimental objects such as family jewellery. There are many levels of possible estate planning we identify what is relevant and the costs.
Guardianship involves a lot or responsibility and you should ask people to agree to act before appointing them. It is often important therefore to put legacies of items, which you may or may not have promised to certain relatives in your will.

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