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Adventure tour companies employ mountain climbers, white water and paragliding experts, skydivers, mountain bikers, scuba divers and winter sports athletes to escort tourists and run courses.
The US-based National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) brings groups of Americans to India and needs qualified escorts for them. What is Word Prediction?Word prediction is a writing tool that helps with spelling, vocabulary, sentence construction and linguistic subject-verb agreement.
In the software CoWriter (Don Johnston), word prediction is active in a variety of media such as word processing, email, power point, etc.
The mountaineering institutes in Darjeeling, Uttarkashi and Manali offer basic, advanced, method of instruction (MOI) and search and rescue courses. The Department of Sports and Youth Affairs in some states and some mountaineering institutes offer scholarships but they are meant for underprivileged youngsters. Word prediction is able to link to the application and provide spelling and word support wherever needed.

The predicted word are located directly above the number keys and words change based on what is being typed. While some emigrate and teach abroad, others supplement their income by writing for publications.
There are Indian defence courses in skydiving but they do not award the licence and there is little point in doing them.
Word prediction is like having a dictionary, vocabulary list, grammar checker and thesaurus working together, alongside the writer AND it's available whenever needed. The program displays the sentence as it is being composed, in the empty space above the predicted words.
The Himachal Tourism rafting course is an inexpensive option (call 9805616345 for details).
Using word prediction, students can give their full attention to what they want to write, rather than focusing on what letter comes next.

But to become a guide or rescuer, you have to be already qualified and participating in the sport at an advanced level. Most common words appear after just one, two or three letters, depending on context and the frequency of use. At its simplest, word-prediction is just “word-completion”; it helps a writer complete a word that has been started.
More sophisticated versions enable word prediction based on an individual word AND the language context witinin the sentence being constructed. Other versions of word prediction are able to suggest words based on what the sounds in the word are - it uses phonetic cues.

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