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Plum Sykes, novelist and Vogue contributor, is friendly and hardworking – and starry in some indefinable way (although the little fur jacket and the exquisite delicacy of the emerald-and-diamond ring on her finger had something to do with it). At her suggestion, we ate lunch from the rolling sushi bar at the new Whole Foods on the Lower East Side, exactly one hour, because she wanted to get back to her nearby office to continue working on a screenplay of one of her novels. Well, what I meant was perhaps the times, the era that you are describing is uncomfortably close to the excesses of the 18th century.
The thing is, I look at Bergdorf Blondes now and I think, that doesn’t seem very extreme three years later. What I think you’ve managed to capture in Bergdorf Blondes is the solipsism and self-absorption of young people. One of the unexpected things that I find with many of the people I interview for NYSD is a kind of detachment they frequently have, as if periodically viewing their own amazing lifestyles from afar. What has been the reaction to your writing from people outside of people outside of New York? But you could tick those boxes off for other well-known women and you’d still find an extra level of fascination for her.

Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. But the brittle, spun-sugar world to which she seems to belong, is just that crucial blend: part sparkly illusion, part plain old reality. At times I did have the feeling that I wanted to round up the heroines, put them in a tumbrel and send them to the guillotine.
There’s also a brisk British practicality to her that I, as a fellow Brit, recognized. But in the meantime all these girls and their husbands, they have had massive financial successes and they’re living a life way beyond. Part of the job of being a contributor at Vogue is to go to parties and have your picture taken.
When I said I hated chopsticks, she told me to use my fingers; when I was worried about the noise levels around the sushi bar, she offered to hold the tape recorder to her lips, looking rather like a teenager pretending to be a rock star. And all these girls, whom I rather admire, like Tory Burch and Tinsley Mortimer, have turned themselves into an industry, and that’s from having that detachment.

They all knew that I wrote for Vogue, like when I went to Chicago or Minneapolis, they come with Vogue under their arm and ask me to sign my articles in Vogue, then the book. It’s really nice to dip into all those fashion parties whenever I want but, I have to say at a certain point in New York, before I had written Bergdorf Blondes, I really had done it for nearly five years, going out every night and getting dressed up. There I was someone from Vogue at the party and Vogue was having a party the next night and she said can you please come in a summer dress because we need to shoot everyone in summer dresses.
She also seems to love food, and was, at times, rather more interested in the sushi than talking about herself … but she also did that, very directly and without affect. I said to my husband after I’d had a baby, I could never have written Bergdorf Blondes [if] I had already had a child.

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