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I was eighteen before I received my driver’s license and my parents bought me my first car.
Even though I was saved as a young boy, as a teenager I turned away from “church” and “religious people,” and I let my relationship with God stagnate until I was in my mid-twenties.
Sometime in my late twenties, I gave God a deadline that I absolutely had to be married by the time I was 30 (and I fully expect him to explain to me someday how funny that joke was). And when our first child was born three years ago, I realized that I was a year older than my dad was when he was done having children. For the most part, I never worried much about feeling “behind” on many of these different aspects of my life. But now I see that I have been missing a vital ingredient to real growth in Christ: a sense of urgency. Without that sense of urgency, the clarity that time is short and the road is long, I was only trying to convince myself that I was thirsting for the “living water” of which He often spoke when in fact I was gorging myself at the world’s buffet. Recently I reread one of Paul’s references to “running the race” and realized that’s where I now find myself—fairly weak-legged, out of shape and bloated, perhaps, but in the race of my life nonetheless.

I haven’t been running my race as strongly as I would have liked and I’ve had to pick myself up (with His help) more than once. If you know someone who is struggling to run their race–for whatever reason–would you email them this post to encourage them? Daniel WaydeAfter squandering his youth as a student and then teaching college English for five years, Daniel Wayde concluded that too much education can stunt your bank account and subsequently found a job in the field of corporate consulting. No worries–honestly, I was just as relieved and excited as they were about the whole matter. Yes, I had gotten off-track in my teenage years, but I turned myself around in my twenties and was growing in my relationship with Him.
In one of the men’s 1500 m semifinals, a Canadian runner fell on his face with 600 m to go.
He enjoys a good story (wherever it might be found), cooking without a recipe, and hotel showers (but only when there’s bottomless hot water); due to recent events, he has a newfound appreciation for oversized coffee mugs.
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Everyone else dodged around him and the cameras continued to follow the pack leaders; however, at the edge of the screen, I saw that runner pick himself up and continue on.
But I know that the finish line is just around the corner and there’s nothing left to do but to run full tilt towards Him.
With a hundred meters to go, I just felt like breaking down and walking off the track.” But he didn’t. Even though the commentators and the camera operators seemed not to notice, I had to go learn more about that runner.

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