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Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - I'm Single Because God Is Busy Writing The Best Love Story For Me :) made by our users. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. As I continue to work toward transitioning from working my full-time job to freelance writing full-time instead, I feel more and more pressure to generate and maintain a steady income.
While I do like to diversify my income and side hustle, the bulk of what I earn comes directly from freelance writing and I don’t mind that.
A big myth is that freelance writing or just freelancing in general is not a stable way to earn money in the long run. Once you start to build up your clientele, avoid feast or famine income by asking clients for recurring work or seeking out clients who need content on a weekly basis at minimum. If you’ve been contributing to a site for a few weeks or months, ask to be brought on as a staff writer and receive consistent recurring work. Some clients will ask you how often you’d like to submit articles which is always nice but others will give you guidelines and you want to make sure you can fulfill them. To come to a happy compromise with your client, see if they can just give you a ballpark number of how many articles they will need from you each month at minimum and ask if they can notify you of any changes to the agreement 30-60 days in advance.
Make sure you ask the client to specify in writing or in a contract how often you will be submitting posts or at least minimum that way you most likely won’t end up without any work for a whole month. Instead of just specializing in one specific niche, try to branch out a little and market your writing services for at least 2 other categories as well.
I was already publishing posts twice a month under the personal finance category by the client also had a small business category. Meeting deadlines is a big factor that contributes to a successful freelance writing career.
If you consistently miss deadlines or ask for extensions, you’re ultimately slowing down your work process and losing out on an opportunity to have time for other projects your client could have or even a referral.

Increasing your workload or raising your rate are both good ways to help your freelance income become more stable. But if you fail to meet deadlines, neither opportunities will be available and you won’t get the referrals you want. If you are taking deadlines seriously, don’t be afraid to ask your client for a referral or if they need help with an additional project. Depending on the invoicing system you use, it may automatically send an email reminder to the client. Freelance writing may not seem as stable and straightforward as a traditional job, but if you effectively communicate with your clients, utilize a detailed contract, and discuss needs and expectations early on, you can easily create a few consistent sources of income that will grow over time. The key is also to keep your expenses low and prioritize savings so if your income ever does experience a dip every now and then, you’ll still be financially stable enough to get by.
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I've been thinking about solo roleplaying a lot recently, which led me to create Quill, a roleplaying game about writing letters. Yes, instead of thwacking orcs, in Quill your aim is to write the best missives, with characters like the Poet, the Monk, the Knight and the Aristocrat. In a game of Quill you will be writing a real letter, so crack out the parchment and ink - it's time to scribe!
Welcome to Trollish Delver, a blog mostly about pen and paper roleplaying game inspiration. Determine how much money you’d like to earn and how much time you have to work each week before you commit to anything. A nice way to ask for this is to inquire about your client’s editorial needs to see how much they want or need you to write. But if you are doing 9 articles one month and only 2 the next month, it can really have an effect on your income.

Being flexible helped me land more work with an existing client of mine last year which made my freelance income more stable. Since I dabble in small business topics every now and then and pull experience and advice from my own personal situation regarding starting a small side business, I was able to increase my existing work load of 2 posts per month to 4 making it much more lucrative. Clients depend on you to turn in your work on-time in order to keep the overall process flowing. Getting word-of-mouth referrals is one of the best ways for freelance writers to land quality clients with recurring work. You can add a custom note and even choose a specific due date to be displayed at the top of your invoice.
Rather than attributes like strength and wisdom, in Quill you have Penmanship, Heart and Language. I also create roleplaying games like Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying, Quill and Canary Overdrive, in addition to creating material for Tunnels & Trolls.
Plus, it can make it hard for you to plan your expenses out since you’ll have no idea how much you will earn from x client for the month.
Even if your client is easy-going, that’s still not an excuse to miss deadlines often.
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