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Report Writing for Legal Purposes has been designed to enable learners to develop their skills in report writing with a specific legal focus.
The programme is aimed at learners who wish to develop their skills and abilities to write reports for specific legal purposes for submission to Senior Management, Board of Directors and relevant legal departments and the courts.
Course participants will be given the opportunity to practice report writing using their newly acquired skills as the course is highly interactive using role play, case studies and training notes.
On completion of this course you should appreciate that honesty is always the best policy, the challenge is how to present the truth in the best possible light. This course will help you to understand what other professionals expect to see when they see a professional report.

On completion participants will be able to produce documents which are defendable and accurately referenced. Every lawyer could use the author's advice to improve their own writing and to help mentor associates or colleagues. The book covers the basics: 1) writing like a lawyer, 2) overcoming writer's block, 3) managing sentence structure(s), 4) handling punctuation (including common myths), and 5)other valuable foundational writing tools. This book also offers extremely helpful advice on legal organizations and deductive reasoning.
This book can provide the quick assistance you need when you are puzzled (overwhelmed or just stuck) on how to write the very best legal argument.

For ten years, Terri LeClercq's "Legal Writing" column in the Texas Bar Journal has helped polish the prose of lawyers and law students, judges and clerks, paralegals, writing instructors, and legal secretaries. This book collects all the advice she has given in her columns into one authoritative guide for expert legal writing. LeClercq covers everything a legal writer needs to know, from the mechanics of grammar and punctuation to the finer points of style, organization, and clarity of meaning.

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