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Dennis Lynn Rader is one of our more famous living serial killers, in part because of his penchant for writing taunting letters to the police and local newspapers in which he would demand attention from the press while describing the details of his heinous acts. The oldest of four sons, Rader was born in Pittsburgh, Kansas in 1945 and grew up in Wichita. He was sentenced to one life sentence for each murder and is currently serving 10 consecutive life sentences at El Dorado Correctional Facility in Kansas. Ironically, from 1974 until 1988, during the period he was actively binding, torturing and killing, Rader worked installing alarms for a Wichita company at homes whose occupants had contacted the alarm company because they feared the BTK Killer. Like many a wannabe writer and many a serial killer, for that matter, Rader had the knack for coming up with pithy phrases. Now, nearly a decade after receiving his eight consecutive life sentences, Rader is once again back on the Serial Killer Radar (Terrible Pun) based on his plan to cooperate in the writing of a book about his ten victims in order to help out their families monetarily. The AP describes Rader’s planned project based on information provided by The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle. According to James Thompson, a Wichita lawyer representing most of the BTK victim families, a percentage of any profits will go to the surviving loved ones and Rader has stated that “the long work on a book is close to a deal,” which suggests it has not been easy to get this project off the ground. What I personally find fascinating is the way Rader, like a surprising number of other serial killers including John Wayne Gacy and Keith Jesperson, the Canadian “Happy Face Killer”, on the one hand lived a very ordinary life while simultaneously committing his atrocities. But it seems that society, in part due to financial necessity, has little real interest in identifying violent criminals ahead of time, before they run amuck. Now what would be a great boon to society and would cut the violent crime rate tremendously would be if we, as a society, could eliminate child abuse – physical, sexual and emotional. Sad that we’re endlessly fascinated with the broken minds society helps create, but not nearly as interested in preventing those breaks.

As far as Rader, can’t help but think his book will be an enormously self-serving hagiography of a man with too much time on his hands, and not enough humanity in his soul. I picked up the Proof paperback copy this afternoon and will start knocking through it tonight.
This is a must if you’re planning on writing multiple books and are serious about boosting sales. Think about the last time you shared something online and when something was shared with you. Like any writer with an ear for an audience, he came up with several “signatures” until he found one that stuck, The BDK killer, BDK standing for Bind, Torture, Kill. He then went underground for the next 13 years and very possibly would never have been apprehended had he not once again began writing “look at me” letters in 2004 which led to his arrest in 2005 and subsequent convictions.
He was a member of a local Christ Lutheran Church and at one point was elected president of the church council. Imagine their surprise had they known that the BTK Killer himself was in their homes installing their alarms.
Rader,” the BTK Killer, who once served as a city code compliance officer, is careful to explain that he will not be profiting at all from any proceeds stemming from his crimes. Of course, we all would like nothing better than to understand the criminal mind, but would an enhanced understanding of this serious social issue keep a single potential serial killer from going on his or her rampage. Of course the criminal mind is fascinating but the secret would be to keep kids from growing into criminals because of lousy home lives. You hit an important point about the dull work of simply making child abuse a less common phenomenon and seeing the end result of less crime.

Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. Was it an article about something you’re passionate about?  A funny Super Bowl commercial? He reports that his wife, Paula Rader, knew nothing about about the 10 murders until he got caught, 31 years after his spree began. The Wichita Eagle reports that he signed over his media rights to the families of his victims after he was packed off to El Dorado State Prison in 2005.
Ramsland is a veritable writing machine but this may be her first crack at plumbing the depths of the mind of a serial killer. I suppose it could in theory, at least in some cases, if society was geared to investigating those among us who were “just a little too different” and focused on stopping them before they went off the deep end.
I would bet that out of every 100 individuals who demonstrate “serial killer symptoms” in childhood such as bedwetting, torturing animals, and lack of impulse control, only a tiny percentage actually graduate into the rarified air of the bona fide serial killer.
Once his killing spree began, as he cut a swath through Wichita neighborhoods, he began stealing underpants from his victims which – like Colonel Russell Williams – he would then wear himself. Serial killers on the other hand are endlessly fascinating as most true crime fans would probably readily admit.
There are far fewer of them, however, than there are abusive parents who haphazardly inspire their offspring to become criminally-minded young adults.

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