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As we rapidly ascend and awaken the questioning of just what our reality is cannot be ignored. We must start with accepting that everything we hold dear, like our family, friends, pets, structures, our bodies and mind, political regimes, the flowers and the fish, all crumble and die. Big Brother is watching you and he wants you to believe that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear from the surveillance state. Ticonderoga’s newest #2 pencil boasts a dazzling exterior but inside, it’s true Ticonderoga quality.

We all intuitively sense there is so much more hidden in plain sight if only we could just see it and understand it more fully. We could create the paradise we all know it can be.
These New Holographic Oval Badges are bright and reflect multiple hues and tints as they move. These Reflective Star Badges look like Traditional Star Badges but vibrantly reflect light at night. Finished with an elegant holographic design that looks like crystal, Ticonderoga NoirTM pencils are made from premium stained black wood that will remain black when sharpened.

Available in Polished Gold, Polished Silver or Antique Bronze plating with child safe rounded corners and a Safety Rubber Grip Fastener.
Our exclusive graphite core formula provides smooth writing performance while high-quality latex-free erasers result in smudge-free corrections.

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