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Or, What happens between the acceptance of your manuscript and the launch of your book (from someone who barely knows what he’s talking about--since he only has the experience of one book going into publication).
What does happen to your manuscript after the publisher accepts it?  I've always been curious. One thing I was going to point out was the amount of editing you have to do for every book--a lot it seems to me, and in layers, refining the book a little more each round. PREVIOUS POSTNice Vampire Phenomenon My own opinion is that NVP isn't anywhere near full swing yet--not with Twilight hitting theaters in December, and the next in the series Breaking Dawn, out in August.
When you're writing a book (actually, a series of books) with a bunch of plot lines, you need a way to keep track of what's going on.

One sample sheet popped up on the blog etat omnipotent in 2010, though apparently this page had been floating around for years (I've read some comments suggesting that Rowling herself released it on her website for fans).
Note the organization by month, as well as the clear distinction between the main plot, the primary subplot (labeled "PROPHECY"), and five other subplots -- they're all a bit sketchy, and often aren't mentioned in the book's text, even though they're still occurring in the world of the book over time.
How can you structure the book so that everything fits, and moves, and you don't leave out any of those zillions of characters and subplots? Her approach to spreadsheet plotting is to divide the columns by chapter number, story timeline, chapter title, main plots and subplots. So, we--me and editor Paula Guran--cooked up a scheme to title the sequel, a contest in which you, me, Paula, with input from the book distributor, came up with a list of titles that could work.

The winner of the contest would have the opportunity to rename one of the characters in SEABORN.

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