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Your job as the writer is to help your reader extract the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. The other great thing about executive summaries, particularly if you are in an organization where they are not usually used, is that you’ll get comments on how easy your report was to read and how useful the summary was. Reports over 5 pages should have an executive summary, depending on your audience you may wish to call it an abstract. A suitable length is a maximum of 5% of the length of the report (excluding appendices) and as a rough guide for most reports it is best to be able to get it on one or two pages. It must summarize the report and be able to be read and, if necessary, circulated separately. The emphasis can change slightly, for instance a 10 page section of your report may only be 1 sentence in your summary. Look at the titles of your subsections and beginning and final sentences of paragraphs to start outlining your summary. Examples from the web (not necessarily excellent examples just a flavor of different approaches). Reducing Greenhouse gas emissions at what cost, executive summary (click on link towards the bottom of the page).
You can find lots more example executive summaries on the web, the easiest way if to do an image search for executive summary. Refund guarantee - if you're not satisfied with the product you've bought please email with the following information: Name, email address, date of purchase, product purchased and reason for refund and we'll arrange a 100% refund for you.

Privacy policy - we are registered with the UK data protection act (reg number Z1309564) and will not share your details with anybody else. Affiliate links: Links to Amazon companies are affiliate links which earn a small commission. Is it well constructed and distinctive?  An effective summary is unique and can only describe you, and not someone else.
The LinkedIn Summary is the ideal place to capture  your visitor’s attention, creating a stand-out message, unique to your experience, talents, and accomplishments, that will entice them to read the rest of your profile. About Laurie BerensonLaurie Berenson is a Master-level resume writer and founder of Sterling Career Concepts, LLC. Many people read without setting questions and just start at the beginning and go all the way to the end.
We accept 2 types of payment, credit cards via Worldpay, a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, and PayPal. It varies from your resume in that a LinkedIn Summary can be written in the first person (I, my) because you are speaking to the reader through your profile. It should concisely tell who you are and what you want to do with your professional career. A compelling summary should contain interesting information that will entice the reader to want to read more of your LinkedIn profile. She works one-on-one with senior professionals and rising executives to turn job search stress into job search success.

It helps the reader get an overview of the content before they put the detail in and also helps them identify which parts of the document will be useful to them.
This is like tipping the puzzle on the floor and just grabbing the first piece from the top and then the next and hoping to make sense of it.
The original purpose of them was to be removed from the main report and circulated separately to the management team to help them give an overview of what was going on. Learn her trade secrets on how to update your resume like a pro by downloading a complimentary copy of her 4-point Formula for an Interview-Winning Resume. As a guideline I’d suggest any document over 5 pages long should have a summary at the start. If you think your summary is likely to be circulated separately make sure there are title, contact details and information of how to obtain the full report. So most people, if they were doing a puzzle, would find the outsides, then find the easy to identify pieces like a red coat and then finally go for the very detailed pieces of sky. This is what the executive summary does, it gives the reader an overview of what is to come and makes a framework in their mind to fit the rest of the information into.

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