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Currently, my editor Brian Jepson and I are collaboratively writing the book (tentatively titled) Google Office Hacks by O'Reilly using Google Docs. Each document, as you can see in the screenshot, includes a title, status information, and a snippet.
We color-coded the status information to have an easy overview: green means it's the first draft, yellow means Brian edited this first draft, cyan means it's in second draft, and gray is for chapters which went into production status.
To open a document from the outline, you can now simply right-click it and pick something like "Open link in new window" from the context menu (provided you have been granted the respective editing rights). When I insert screenshots or other images into a document, I'm first saving them as non-color reduced PNG files in local folder, where each folder is named after the hack title. Once images are included in the document I'm usually adding a 1-pixel black border by going to the Edit HTML tab. I'm using only limited formatting within the documents, like Ctrl+B for bold, or Ctrl+I for italics.
When you check a revision, you will see strike-throughs and different colors and so on to indicate what was changed.
In the case of Google Office Hacks, I'm preceding all file names in the Google Docs file listing with "GOHacks". I'm rarely spending too much time in the Google Docs file explorer though, as the outline document serves as our base for jumping to documents. Working from anywhere: In theory, as the book is stored on the Google server farm and not your home computer, you can access and edit it from anywhere, like an internet cafe, or your friend's computer, or a public cafe with wifi. Lack of features: Google Docs has much less features than programs like Word, which have historically grown over the years. Theoretically, with an online app you also don't need to handle file backups yourself, because the application provider does this for you; practically, it's always a little risky to fully depend on the web app to never screw up, so you may be handling backups yourself anyway.
I wanted to outline the process we came up with, and maybe it's helpful for you too for certain needs. It's a linked table of contents which helps us to organize the broad shape of the book, and also see the status of progress.

These colors allow us to quickly scroll down the long outline and see where we need to spend our work that day.
An image format like JPEG might be a bad choice as the compression is not completely loss-free.
It would be nice to do this via the image inclusion dialog – in fact, it would be nice to have Google Docs templates so that layout preferences don't have to be adjusted every time! I don't want to manually type Brian's email address all the time in the "Invite people" dialog, so I'm just typing "Brian" and then hope for the auto-completion dialog to pop up. From my Gmail account, I have to sent Brian a couple of bogus emails to his Gmail account every now and then to force Google Docs to "remember" his address in the auto-completion dialog.
When I see this I can then go back to work on the document and pick the Revisions tab, comparing Brian's latest version with my last version before Brian took over.
Unfortunately, when you want to follow-up on a change you need to leave the Revisions tab again and switch back to the Edit tab – and next time you want to go to the revision tab, you are again asked to select which two versions you want to compare.
Short names are useful due to the limited screen space (so calling it "Google Office Hacks" may push important information in the title out of view). In general I prefer a slim program to one that is so feature-cluttered, you will have a hard time finding all the options to turn off CRAP (Configurations Rarely Applied by People). I've bookmarked the outline in Firefox and added a keyword shortcut within the bookmark properties, so to open it I just need to type "gohacks" into the browser address bar. This brings a lot of minor formatting quirks which the document doesn't seem to get rid of over time. To re-use this template, I'm always opening an existing hack, to then pick File -> Copy document from the menu. Now, Brian doesn't use a Gmail address as his main email so I'm usually writing to his O'Reilly address.
While it may be possible to open two windows of the document, that could also be risky as both may be auto-saving every now and then. Also, I'm dragging them all into the Google Docs "Google Office Hacks" folder for better organization.

One thing you do notice with the Google Docs explorer is that it's quite wasteful about using screen space – too little of the files are shown, too much space is wasted on information such as the folder description (even though Google already slightly improved this situation in a recent update).
Some authors may be able to concentrate better when hooked up to their laptop in a public cafe, while others need to go have a non-changing, quiet place – like their home desk, room doors closed.
But let's face it, even if you're writing something not about the internet, it's really great to have search engines back up your knowledge.
There may be smaller differences in start-up times (Google documents could really use a speed boost in this regards).
To avoid these quirks, better start out fresh, or only copy plain (non-rich text) content into documents. This makes Google Docs wrongly assume that it's not necessary to show that Gmail address of Brian in the auto-completion dialog. It would be much more neat if Google would remember the last selection of the Revisions tab, so you would be able to quickly toggle back and forth between reading a revision, and making changes in the editing tab. If that's the case, then the "work from anywhere" bonus of online applications is somewhat lost. So to me, the prerequisite of having to have an internet connection is not a real downside; your mileage may vary (and who knows, Google may also release Gears-support for Google Docs in the future). One other thing I like about Google docs, or most web applications, is that I can switch to the English interface; this makes it much easier to, for instance, communicate about the application in help groups, or search for certain things in regards to the application.
Nevertheless, the fact that Google Docs allows me to collaborate on the same document with my editor, who sits across the ocean, is a great benefit.
They have a fine upscale sports-bar menu and a full bar and the place is clean and safe and friendly.

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