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Well, this year, it was a little trickier because I have students who are allergic to chocolate and nuts.
This year we used: fruit loops, pretzels, cheez-its, jelly beans, gummy bears, animal crackers, popcorn, cheese puffs, jujubees, and honey comb cereal. Enter your email address below to Follow this blog via email and recieve updates on FREEBIES, ideas, and so much more! Stephanie Maher Palenque is a full-time faculty member in the English Department of Grand Canyon University. Maria Zafonte is an Assistant Professor of English in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Grand Canyon University, where she has taught since 2012. Meredith DeCosta is a faculty manager, instructor, researcher, and writer at Grand Canyon University. She has served as Content Lead for the online English department and enjoys sharing best practices with other faculty members. Johna€™s University and the recipient of a teaching fellowship to Syracuse University, where he earned a Master of English and American Literature while teaching composition and literature classes. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Instruction and Cognition; her area of interest is effective teaching of writing, critical thinking, and research at the post-secondary level. I love this point in the year because I always look around and realize my classroom seems to be running itself. Cooperman completed her PhD at the University of Arizona and her undergraduate at the State University of New York and at Arizona State University. Her work focuses on writing education, Web 2.0 literacies, and educational equity in urban and multicultural contexts.

She earned of Master of Arts in Secondary Education in 2005 from University of Phoenix and a Master of Arts in English in 2012 from Northern Arizona University.
Her background includes teaching in the K-12 public school system and teaching English in Szeged, Hungary. Stephanie is the author of hundreds of both fiction and nonfiction articles that have been published in local, regional, and national magazines and newspapers. Santos is an Assistant Professor at Grand Canyon University, where she teaches developmental writing, first-year composition, honors classes, and graduate classes. My students know all of the expectations, they know where everything is, they know how to get things they need, we’ve built a classroom community, and everything is just flowing.
Her passion is helping students reach their full potential as critical thinkers and communicators. Her research interests lie in the areas of teaching online, teaching writing, curriculum development, and public discourses including the rhetorical situation in court ordered community mediation. She has written several peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and co-authored a book with Columbia University's Teachers College Press titled Real World Writing for Secondary Students.
He has supervised the full-time online English faculty and is currently serving as domain lead for the ground English faculty.
She has published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on visual rhetoric, audience studies, and best practices for writing pedagogy. She is committed to finding innovative, challenging, and engaging ways to lead developmental writers to be comfortable and successful with written communication.
Her diverse experience as a composition instructor and student support associate has provided her with a valuable and unique perspective.

In addition to promoting the usage of multimedia and online resources in the classroom, she also actively creates presentations for conferences and Classroom Assessment Techniques with the latest technology. He has published articles for Current Biography on the poets James Merrill, Galway Kinnell, and Seamus Heaney. She has participated in presentations for other faculty members and frequently creates Classroom Assessment Techniques designed to stimulate conversation and thought.
She has presented her work in these areas at conferences and as a contributor to academic journals. Her participation in committee work, research, mentoring, and training supports her goal to further the quality of online education in the composition classroom.
She lives in Anthem, Arizona, with her husband, Jaime, and their three daughters Sophia, Alexandra, and Charlotte. Most recently, he co-authored a presentation on grammar instruction for GCUa€™s Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching.
Chinn enjoys interacting with students in an online modality while maintaining a personal touch and empathy for students. Santos was recently elected by her peers to the executive committee of the Modern Language Associationa€™s Present-Day English, where she currently serves as president.

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