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A hardscrabble Dorchester kid who had himself done time in prison, Wahlberg had tried to get in touch with Shea while the mobster was in jail. About three years ago, “The Fighter” star encouraged Shea to create a film based on his mob experiences.
They would also take long walks — on the beach, the pier, the Third Street Promenade — following routes that eerily paralleled Bulger's own strolls around the neighborhood.
Wahlberg will be affiliated with in the film, Shea said, although he declined to say whether it would be as an actor or simply as a producer. Shea had gone to jail for 12 years to protect his boss, only to find out later that Bulger had been regularly selling out fellow mob men to the FBI.
Those streets Shea had often walked while obsessing about Bulger’s whereabouts were actually in Santa Monica, where he and Hollywood producer Ken Kokin, a longtime resident, were hashing out a screenplay about Shea's time with Bulger.

The actor had been sent a script about a gangster named “Johnny Blue Eyes,” a character based on Shea, and Wahlberg wanted to learn more about him. Shea decided to collaborate with Kokin, a veteran Hollywood personality (he served as a producer on “The Usual Suspects”) whom he had met through mutual friends. As Shea walked, he was unwittingly roaming the same neighborhood that Bulger,  arrested last week on suspicion of nearly two dozen murders, had called home for 16 years. Shea would take regular trips from Boston to Los Angeles to write the film with Kokin, spending hours in the producer's home on Ocean Avenue that, unbeknownst to them, sat just three blocks from the Third Street apartment where Bulger was living.
But in 1990, Shea's ascent ended abruptly when the FBI arrested him and charged the mobster with multiple counts of cocaine trafficking.
But he said the feeling vanished once he learned the circumstances of Bulger's fugitive life.

He had a girlfriend who was younger than him, and he had a lot of good food and wine," Shea said.
But Shea said he feels only cold comfort at the events unfolding in a Massachusetts courtroom.

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