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The Kindle Cover is made from objects like building bricks that are placed on top of each other, moved around to where you want them to be positioned. The procedure to changing the properties of an object is the same for each object, but each object may have different options to change their appearance. I want to place a title for my book on top of my background, to position it, set the font, set the colour of the font and maybe add a drop-shadow. Put your mouse over the object and right-click and select properties, or click on the Properties button. Note: For you to see the changes, you either click somewhere on the dialog or press the close button.
It may be a good idea to emphasise the text to make it stand out more against my background so I used the Shadow property.
You will now see that your project is listed at the top of the screen in the caption DrawObjects - nephilim-found.dob. I am almost finished with my background but I want to add my author's name at the bottom of the background. We have now seen how easy it is to create a simple cover, in fact it maybe all you need to do. Elemental Magic workshops - Joseph GillandA A  Joseph Gilland is an animation director, special effects animator, journalist, author and musician.

Click on the Font button and just like a word processor you can change the properties of the text. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. His most recent book a€?Elemental Magic - The Art of Special Effects Animationa€™, has quickly become a sensation in the global animation community, bringing to print for the first time the magic behind the visual effects animation that has dazzled animation audiences since the 1930a€™s. Josepha€™s approach to the animation process focuses not only on technical know how, but also reveals the raw energy underlying all great animation works. With passion, emotion and a vast amount of practical experience, Gilland introduces the reader to a fluid organic process of discovery and interactive experimentation that breathes new life into a fine art form that many believe to be a highly technical and tedious affair. While writing and illustrating Elemental Magic over the last four years, Joseph began bringing his vision to a workshop series entitled a€?An Organic Approach to Special Effects Animationa€™. The workshops and his book evolved together, feeding off of each other and resulting in a book that not only contains Josepha€™s deep expertise on the subject, but also reflects the feedback of animation artists and students from around the world. At Walt Disney Feature Animation, Joseph served as Supervisor of Visual Effects for the Disney classics Lilo & Stitch and Brother Bear.
Joseph also served as Head of Florida Special Effects Unit for the features Kingdom of the Sun, and Tarzan, and was Special Effects Animator on such notable titles as Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, James and the Giant Peach, Hercules and Mulan.
His broad experience also includes animating on several short film projects at the National Film Board of Canada, and directing dozens of television commercials as an independent director.

From 2003 to 2005, Joseph headed up the world renowned animation program at the Vancouver Film School. Joseph is currently at work on an independent short film and is writing a follow up volume to a€?Elemental Magica€™ that will delve deeper into special effects and also include a DVD with real time step by step a€?how-toa€™ footage, and clips from live workshops. As supervisor I worked on developing 3D EFX techniques using Maya Paint EFX and Maya Particles, as well as designing a 2D EFX a€?looka€™ for the show.
Worked closely with the Directors throughout the workbook stages, determining how to best bring their story to the screen.
Also worked very closely with the Artistic Coordinatorand Art Director to determine and finalize the best finalcompositing techniques for each scene in the film.
Clients include: General Motors, Coca Cola, Honda, Macdonalda€™s, Gillette, Players Tobacco, Larrouse Dictionaries, Radio Quebec.
Special Effects Animator on Feature Films, a€?The Great Land of Smalla€™, and a€?The Peanut Butter Solutiona€™.

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