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Nadia Higgins is the author of a new four-book series, Zombie Zappers, that will be published this fall under our new trade imprint, Speeding Star.
One of the main characters, Roger, is Leo’s secret half-zombie friend living in his bedroom closet.
My new zombie book, Zombie Tales From Dead Worlds is coming to your ereader by this weekend! In The Blanket, a little boy hides as the end of the world enters his home…In The Scavengers, two unique survivors struggle to carve out a life for themselves while being threatened by the most frightful beings of all: humanity…In The Building, a teenage girl lives in a walled-in neighborhood and hopes to escape to the luxury of the high-rise apartment building that towers over it.

Award-winning author Rhiannon Frater creates vivid new stories set in alternate worlds where people face nightmarish creatures that only desire one thing: to destroy the living. Thanks to authors like Nadia, beginning in the fall of 2013, Speeding Star will be providing easy-to-read books on topics of high interest in an effort to keep boys and young men reading. For a very long time I was so burned out on zombies after writing eight books in the genre, I thought I’d never write a zombie book again. So to have these stories persistently nip at me (like zombies tend to do) and reignite my zombie muse was surprising, but wonderful.

So if you’re looking for fresh new stories about a variety of different types of zombies, this book is for you!

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