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Employers: If you have your employees use a travel expense report like this one, you should probably inform them to submit copies of receipts along with the report, so you can keep adequate records for tax purposes. You may also want to download our Reimbursement Form for general employee expense reimbursement (for non-travel expenses) and our Business Mileage Tracking Log for record keeping and reporting.
Disclaimer: The spreadsheet and information on this page is not to be taken as financial or tax advice. If you need something really fast, go ahead and print one of our free weekly planner pages that are downloadable in PDF format. These two printable weekly planners are free PDF files that you can download and print very quickly. If you have to pay for your own paper and ink, it may not be cost effective for you to print your own weekly planner.
If you are a student and use 3-ring binders to hold your homework and stuff, you can print a semester's worth of weekly planner pages and include them in your binder.
One of the fancy things about this weekly planner template is that you can record the month and day of all your family and friends' birthdays and when you change the date to print a new week, up to 3 holidays or events per day are automatically listed in the planner.
The ISO Week Number is shown under the date as W01-7 where 01 is the week number and 7 is the day of the week.
Holidays and Dates that you define in the Events worksheet are highlighted in the mini calendars. This schedule isn't what I'd call a "weekly planner", but this type of format is very common for weekly planning and scheduling. There are hundreds of different free weekly planners on the internet, for different paper sizes, different ways of organizing the days of the week, etc.
If you are contracting and using a limited company as your payment structure you will need to raise invoices for the services you provide.
This article explains how to prepare one with an example, together with links to our free and full editable invoice templates in Word and Excel format. Don't forget - if you are not paid on time then follow the correct late payment process to collect your debts. For example: If you provided services for IBM and the BBC, for IBM you could use IBM001 and IBM002, etc.
If you are permitted to submit your invoice via email then it is useful to convert the invoice into PDF format so that it cannot be altered. Most agencies and clients require a timesheet to be signed and a copy included with the invoice. If you do not get paid by the due date and invoices remain unpaid for more than 30 days then you have the legal right to charge interest on the money for Late Payment.
Intouch AccountingPerfect mix of technology & personal service for only ?98 per month.Clever AccountsComplete contractor accounting service. Our free resume templates below are designed to help you prepare a professional resume using Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or Google Docs.

Table Format: You use a table in Microsoft Word (without borders) to place the main section headings (Objective, Experience, Education, etc) in a narrow column on the left hand side of the resume. Outline Format: Instead of using tables, you use margins, tabs, and indention to format your resume. If something strange happens when you make a change to a format, like everything turning into bullets, immediately press Ctrl+z (undo) to cancel the automated formatting. The safest advice might be to only use a resume template to get an idea of how to create your own from scratch. Regardless of what type of resume you choose (chronological resume, functional resume, curriculum vitae, etc.), your two main options for laying out the content are either the outline or table format.
Disclaimer: The resume templates and the information on this page are for educational purposes only. So, if you've started a new small business and need a quick solution for creating an expense report, you can try Vertex42's free Excel Expense Report Template. A note like "Don't forget to attach receipts" in the spreadsheet can help serve as a reminder.
Also, our new Weekly Expense Report template provides a way to include more details and more expense categories.
If you have questions about taxes or proper reporting procedures for travel expenses, please consult an appropriate professional.
Our weekly planner was designed to allow you to print weekly planner pages for letter-size 3-ring binders. We also have a free weekly meal planner and a monthly planner template that you might want to take a look at.
They may be useful if you don't care about showing dates or don't mind writing the dates in manually.
That is something you'll need to figure out and it depends on how fancy of a planner you were thinking of buying (leather binding vs. Make sure you address any late payment concerns early, because they can often signal that the client is having cash flow problems, which could lead to non-payment, which is far more expensive to you than just being paid late! You should also browse through as many sample resumes as you have time for, especially those related to your field or position. You shouldn't sift through sample resumes to try to find the best looking resume template and then try to make your details, skills, and qualifications fit a specific format.
You should generally avoid anything that will make the employer think that you used a template. If you submit your file electronically, file property information may be searchable in a database. Many templates use italics and underlining, both of which can cause problems when a template is scanned and OCR'd. I have seen nice looking resumes that use both formats within the same file, but you have to be careful to remain consistent and clear.

Your situation is unique and we do not guarantee the applicability of this information to your specific situation. The worksheet also has a table for recording more detailed itemized expenses (such as a break-down of your meals or transportation expenses). When you change the week, up to 3 holidays or events will be shown under each day of the week (see the screenshot as an example). The format for these calendars can be changed in the MiniCalendars worksheet (the highlighting is controlled using Conditional Formatting). In fact, the Resume Wizard built into Word 2003 only creates resumes using the table format. The outline format is often easier to manipulate and can be converted to a scannable resume (in ASCII format) fairly easily.
You can modify the Heading 1 style to change between All Caps, Mixed Case, Small Caps, or to modify the border line. Add your company information and other details and give a copy to your employees - a great solution for new businesses.
The first step is to speak to the client, before then following up with more formal and legal action. If you want to use any content you have seen on this site then please request our media pack and ask for details of our Content Licencing Service. Most importantly, our resume templates don't contain fancy colors or unique formatting styles that might identify your resume as having come from a resume template repository.
Even if you only have basic skills with Word, you should be able to recreate almost any professional resume that you find using one of our two templates.
The table format can let you have more section headings without using up as much space as the outline format. We will just trust that after you delete the note at the top of the template, you will still abide by the terms of use. This will involve a formal warning, Letter Before Action, debt collection agency, and finally litigation via the courts.
Project Details should be used to break down project to specific tasks, and quote price for each of those tasks.
We hope we can help you to make the process of creating a price quote much easier, quicker, and error-free. Download our templates to create an estimate that is accurate, thorough and professional in a way that will make a good lasting impression on the customer about your company.
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