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Also joining us was Bernhard’s second cousin, Carolin Bellstedt, who is also from Munich and is beginning a six-month internship with Richmond Sanitary next week. Bernhard was excused and sent back to New York where he had to beg to get his job back and found temporary lodging in a cheap motel. Just when things were getting back to some semblance of normal, Bernhard got a second draft notice. So, only a few days into basic training, it appears that the entire Army cooking staff had been snatched away for duty in Vietnam. He also took the standard proficiency test, scoring high with fluency in three languages and typing speed of 80 words per minute.
But the Army needed more soldiers in Vietnam, so Bernhard had to end his career as an Army chef and head into the unknown. Bernhard was born in China to a mother who was the daughter of missionaries and a father who was a German banker. Charlotte Horstmann eventually moved to Hong Kong, where Bernhard received his early schooling.
In 1969, Bernhard found himself at the replacement depot at Long Binh, sitting around waiting for something to happen. Now it came to pass that as various war correspondents, diplomats and other officials visited Charlotte’s shop in Hong Kong, she urged them to be sure and check on Bernhard when they passed through Saigon. Resentment, however, began to build up with the lieutenant who commanded Bernhard’s unit, and Bernhard became the target of abuse. Alan Tolbert had a master’s degree in City Planning from the University of Tennessee, and, of course, I had a degree in architecture. After a couple of months, we all got orders to Vietnam, but our civilian overseer was well-connected politically and informed the local congressman that our mission was vital to national defense, not to mention the future economy of central Louisiana and the congressman’s chances for reelection. Taking advantage of the apparent absence of a superior to report to in the organization chart of his murky assignment, Alan drew up a list of 30 plausible activities in which he could conceivably be engaging and gave them to his secretary. When I later looked up Alan in Saigon, he and Bernhard, along with another friend, had pooled their money to rent a modest apartment where they could hang out and entertain. Although an American soldier, Bernhard was still a German citizen and carried a German passport. When it came Bernhard’s time to DEROS (date eligible to return from overseas), he gravitated first to Hong Kong where his mother lived. He allowed as how that might be about right, but he also wanted to know my military status and where I was staying. Marijuana was not a big deal in Vietnam, and as far as I know, was not illegal for Vietnamese.
When Bernhard got back to New York in early 1970, he came down with a serious case of hepatitis, the kind you get from tainted water. Serving in Vietnam earned American citizenship for Bernhard, and after leaving Hong Kong, he rekindled his career as a wine merchant in New York for many years, eventually selling his business and moving to Munich where he now lives.

Bernard married and had two sons, one whom is a Harvard-trained lawyer working in London and the other a golf professional in Florida.
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She has a degree in Environmental Management and wants to specialize in solid waste management. Bernhard Horstmann was beginning a career as a 25-year old wine merchant living in New York City when he was drafted.
He quit his job, sold his car and moved out of his apartment, taking government provided transportation to Ft. Apparently, the Army had investigated him and found him to be a thoroughly red-blooded American of German citizenship. Later, he attended boarding school in Germany while his mother became a highly successful dealer in Chinese antiquities in Hong Kong.
Struck by the 80 words per minute typing skill, the sergeant whisked Bernhard off to Saigon where he was assigned to some obscure unit that seemed to do nothing but create paperwork. Some kind of congressional action ensued (we were told it was an investigation), and our orders were postponed for three months. He was assigned to drive the jeep of a lieutenant who didn’t seem to have anything to but drive around the Saigon area.
April 1, 2012) had been trained as an artist and was assigned to a psychological warfare unit where leaflets were designed. I remember one night we were pub crawling in Saigon, out after the 10:00 PM curfew for military personnel and in civilian clothes.
Several weeks before, I had lent $700 to Bernhard Horstmann, a friend with whom I shared the Saigon Apartment. I emptied my pockets of about $500 in MPC (Military Payment Certificates), which I had recently withdrawn from the bank in preparation for my trip the next day to Cambodia. I explained that I had been formally discharged the previous day and that I was staying at an apartment in Saigon.
They were intrigued by the phony ID’s I had accumulated and thought that was suspicious enough to warrant a more detailed search. So far, this looked like just a way to extract $500 from me, but I was concerned that it could be much more serious.
I went back to the Customs House, paid my fine, took a taxi to Tan Son Nhut and caught the next plane to Cambodia. For months in Saigon, we had been paying a mama san to boil water from the local system, put it in bottles and place it in our apartment refrigerator. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Forgetting the recent advice about volunteering, Bernhard stepped forward along with six others.

Just before the Communists took over in 1949, Bernhard’s parents divorced, and his mother, then single with four children, had to flee, ending up temporarily in Thailand. But Alan, ever alert for advancement opportunities, somehow got himself assigned to the mayor of Saigon as a city planner. With little money but an impressive job title, a gift of gab and nothing else to do, Alan gravitated to leisure class activities where he could meet interesting people and sponge off the system. Bernhard had been discharged several weeks earlier and had stopped off to see his mother in Hong Kong and his sister in Tokyo before going back to New York. Five of them described their meager experience with McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants, but Bernhard, wanting to set himself apart from the crowd, lied that he had been a sous-chef at the Waldorf Astoria.
No one seemed to know what he was supposed to do, but he was assigned an office and a secretary. The finished copies were then sent back to Saigon and eventually dropped from aircraft over parts of both South and North Vietnam. Bernhard stepped up, presented his German passport, and began to harangue the MPs with a stream of what sounded to me like German obscenities.
Bernhard’s mother lived in Hong Kong and was a well-known and highly successful businesswoman in the antique and Chinese reproduction furniture trade. It was left over from one or more of my departed roommates; I was not a user of marijuana. I could go directly out to Bien Hoa and catch the next plane to the United States, which my discharge orders allowed (I didn’t need a passport), and leave all the uncertainty behind $500 richer. Somehow, Bernhard found a suit and began a pattern of attending events and participating in social activities, including membership in the exclusive Circle Sportif Tennis Club, that any other E4 could not have imagined in his wildest dreams. A modest gratuity to the secretary sealed her loyalty and made her a willing co-conspirator. This was a pretty routine operation, except that Eric happened to have an old friend working in the New York printing company. For some reason, which never became entirely clear, Bernhard had left the $700 loan repayment with an employee of his mother with instructions to mail it to me in Vietnam.
Thuy and follow through with my plans to visit Cambodia as the beginning of an Asian odyssey. Thuy sent out for sandwich for me and invited me to take my pick of a beverage from one of several pallets of soft drinks confiscated from who knows where.

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